Why buy a franchise business

Why buy a franchise business? Considering a franchise business can be a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. But what are the specific benefits of franchising compared to starting a business from scratch?

Owning a franchise goes beyond simply trading under a recognised brand name. Franchise ownership offers a range of advantages. For instance, franchisees receive ongoing support, development, and training from the franchisor’s support center. This comprehensive training helps ensure you have the knowledge and skills to operate your business successfully.

Why Buy a Franchise with Caremark: Our Testimonials

Let’s hear directly from our new franchise owners about their experiences:

Muhammad Iqbal from Caremark Preston

Muhammad Iqbal Interview: Why buy a Franchise Business

What is your background and why buy a franchise business with Caremark?

I like to think I am somebody that can do well with the people and working with them. My previous jobs were mostly in finance and HR, and I’d seen in my previous work experience, that I excelled when working with people. So, I to get back to the community, so I could make a positive difference in my local area.

How valuable was the induction?

Very valuable. Before the induction, I did not know much about franchising, but the training has cleared up my mind. I know what I am going to do and my plan has more structure. The training has also given me motivation and deep understanding of everything I need to do, and how I need to do it.

What are your thoughts on the franchise support centre so far?

It is really good, I am happy with the support I am receiving. People are very nice and helpful. The culture of the organisation is that everybody wants to help us achieve the best we can.

What do you think is the biggest reward of runing a Caremark business?

The happiness you get from giving something back to the community. The main objective is that we are happy giving back to the customers and it gives us a pride and connectivity with the community.

Sukhvir Gill from Caremark Greenwich

Sukhvir Gill Interview: Why buy a franchise business

What is your background and why buy a franchise business with Caremark?

My background is as a chartered accountant, in the banking and finance sector. I was looking into care and I happened to know a franchise owner at Caremark, so they put me in touch with him and they told me how everything works and how supportive FSC are. This franchise owner also has the same background as me, which gave me confidence that a lot of people are shifting away from that lifestyle of a day to day job and going into a more meaninfgul and rewarding journey in franchising and care. They told me the peaks and how to be successful. So this office basically sold me the dream!

How valuable was the induction?

The content is good and valuable and it cements ideas and resources that you didn’t maybe think you would have access to.

What are your thoughts on the franchise support centre so far?

They are supportive,very friendly, approachable, and transparent. It’s good that staff members are coming in with fresh ideas to push you to do things in a different way.

What do you think is the biggest reward of running a Caremark business?

The biggest reward I think is giving back to the community, in the territory you grew up in, were born in, or simply spent most of your time in. You are earning money but also giving back to society, so it’s a win win!

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