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Caremark is thrilled to announce the expansion of its award-winning Franchise Support Centre (FSC) team with the appointments of Paula Spriggs as Director of Operations and Martha Pusey as Training & Development Officer! These strategic additions further enhance Caremark’s commitment to providing its franchise network with unparalleled support and resources, ensuring their continued success.

Paula Spriggs: A Champion for Franchisee Growth

Paula Spriggs

Paula brings a wealth of experience to her new role, boasting a remarkable 28-year career in franchising. Her passion lies in empowering franchise owners and fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships between them and the franchisor. Paula’s impressive track record speaks for itself – she has consistently coached and mentored franchisees to achieve exceptional results, exceeding targets and building thriving businesses.

Paula’s dedication to proven business development processes ensures a solid foundation for franchise owners. This, combined with her expertise in relationship building, creates a winning formula for success. Existing Caremark staff members who previously worked alongside Paula can attest to her collaborative spirit and ability to drive positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

In her most recent role, her innovative ideas led to a remarkable 30% revenue growth. Her core motivation lies in witnessing franchisees flourish and build sustainable, profitable businesses. With Paula at the helm of operations, the Caremark FSC is poised to propel franchisee growth to even greater heights.

Martha Pusey: Equipping Franchisees with Invaluable Expertise


Martha Pusey joins the FSC as a Training & Development Officer, bringing a remarkable 30 years of experience in the health and social care sector. Throughout her career, Martha has worn a variety of hats, including registered manager and service development, demonstrating a well-rounded understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

Martha’s academic achievements are equally impressive. She holds a Master of Science in Dementia Care, with a specialisation in learning disabilities and dementia. Her dedication to ongoing learning continues, as she currently pursues a doctorate in Dementia, focusing on empowering individuals with dementia to actively plan for their future care needs.

This in-depth knowledge of dementia and learning disabilities will be invaluable to Caremark franchisees, many of whom provide essential care services to these populations. Through comprehensive training programs and ongoing support, Martha will equip franchisees and their teams with the skills and expertise to deliver the highest quality care possible.

A Winning Combination for Franchisee Success

Paula and Martha’s combined expertise represents a significant step forward for Caremark’s FSC. Paula’s strategic leadership in operations, coupled with Martha’s dedication to training and development, creates a potent force for franchisee success.

Caremark understands that empowered franchisees translate to a thriving network. With Paula and Martha’s guidance, franchisees will gain the tools and resources they need to not only meet industry standards but to consistently exceed them. This translates to a positive impact on the lives of customers, building a stronger reputation for Caremark within the communities it serves.

Beyond the Professional Sphere

While their professional achievements are commendable, Paula and Martha also bring unique personalities to the Caremark team. Outside of work, Martha enjoys spending time with her beloved dogs, Dotty, Daisy, and Dolly, as well as her charming donkeys, Buzz and Woody. Paula, on the other hand, finds relaxation in the art of crocheting. These diverse personal interests paint a picture of well-rounded individuals who will undoubtedly add a positive and enriching dimension to the Caremark FSC culture.

With the addition of Paula Spriggs and Martha Pusey, the Caremark Franchise Support Centre is even better equipped to empower its franchise network. Their combined expertise, passion, and dedication will be instrumental in propelling Caremark’s continued growth and success, ensuring exceptional care for customers across the communities they serve.


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