Does your furry friend deserve a special day out? Does the thought of leaving them at home while you head to the office tug at your heartstrings? Well, mark your calendars! It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day and Caremark is here to celebrate the pawsome bond between humans and canines.

Carebark and the Benefits of Office Pets

Take your dog to work day

At Caremark, we understand the incredible impact dogs have on our lives. Through take your dog to work day and our Carebark initiative, we champion the positive power of pet ownership, particularly for older individuals. Studies show that pets can:

  • Reduce stress and blood pressure: Their playful presence lowers cortisol levels, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Boost social interaction: Canine companions encourage conversations, fostering connections with colleagues and customers.
  • Increase physical activity: Daily walks get your heart pumping and improve overall fitness.
  • Provide comfort and companionship: Their unconditional love offers emotional support and reduces feelings of loneliness.

Beyond the Cuteness: Supporting Canine Partners

Carebark goes beyond celebrating our furry friends; it’s about making a difference. All year round, we partner with Canine Partners, a charity dedicated to training assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. These incredible canines transform lives, offering independence and companionship to those who need it most.

What to do for Take Your Dog to Work Day:

  • Celebrate the joy of dogs: We all deserve a little extra wag in our day! Take Your Dog to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to spread happiness and highlight the positive impact these furry friends can have in the workplace.
  • Support a worthy cause: Support Canine Partners’ remarkable work. Your support brings them closer to training more incredible assistance dogs who will change lives for the better.
  • Promote the positive power of pets: Together, we can raise awareness about the benefits of pet ownership for overall well-being, especially for older adults.

Join in the fun of Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Let’s make Take Your Dog to Work Day a day of unforgettable memories, furry fun, and impactful giving. Bring up someone’s mood or just your own, have a little play in the office accompanies by giggles!

Together, let’s celebrate our pups and empower those who need it most!


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