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Find it difficult to get back into past hobbies, or maybe they aren’t so fun anymore and you are looking for new past-times?

Whether it’s a community activity, light exercise, a gentle stroll through the local parks, or some arts and crafts that you’ve always wished to take up, our sociable and cheerful Care Assistants could be your answer! Get in touch and we can arrange a friendly chat to discuss what it is you would like to try, and we will match you with the perfect Hobby Buddy, whom you can take along with you to share the experience and make it an enjoyable and easy-going one.

Caremark Hillingdon

A little help from my support

We all have past-times and hobbies we like to spend our days attending or partaking in, but maybe they are becoming difficult to do and the motivation to keep them going is waning. Our support services are there to enable you to continue with the hobbies that inspire and lighten your days, whether to help set up and prepare equipment to rekindle your arts and crafts projects, or to have company on photography walks, making a normally solitary pastime into something more engaging and motivating.

“The support I get from Caremark Greenwich really makes all the difference when it comes to making my hobby a joy rather than a chore.”

Alfresco arts and crafts

Always wanted to do your hobby in the great outdoors but can’t dare to brave it?

Greenwich offers iconic views and scenic landscapes on your doorstep like a living muse waiting to be captured, be it by paints or through a lens. It is a shame that not many people make that step of transferring their indoor craft and arts projects out into more open and revitalising spaces, that will stimulate their creativity and take their passion to a new realm.

Learn together!

Ever thought of learning a new or first-time instrument?

It’s never too late, and even if your favourite carer doesn’t know how  to play a certain instrument, learning together can be just as fun and a laugh!

Never believe it’s too late to learn new skills and hobbies. Everyone has to start at the beginning and if you don’t like a group environment and want a more personal one-to-one support with practicing, get in touch so we can design your time in the way you know you learn best.

Dancing the time away

Been watching one of your favourite dance shows on TV and you still have a spring in your step, why not hire support from Caremark Greenwich and go for a night out dancing. Did you know that one of the last remaining intact 1950’s style ballroom left in London is only a bus ride away for locals. The Rivoli Ballroom has a host of events from your favourite 70’s and 80’s, to reggae and soul nights, as well as those unique ballroom dance evenings. So, give us a call so we can arrange support and you can get your glad rags on for a fun time.


Putney Caremark

Someone there when you need time a bit of “me” time.

There you are ensuring that your loved ones are enjoying their days to the fullest and getting the most out of their lives, but let’s not forget about you! Because you truly need a bit of time to yourself where you can go and enjoy the activities that get the most out of your day, too. Caremark Greenwich can give you that reassurance when you need a bit of respite and/or time to partake in your hobbies or meet up with friends – our trusted and friendly staff can be there whenever you need.


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