When it comes to supporting families, great care can have an enormous, positive impact. A huge amount of trust is placed in Support Workers, and their role can make a massive difference to the lives of those they work with.

Recently, our team have had the privilege of supporting a young girl who has a tracheostomy, and lives with her father. Living with a tracheostomy requires specialised support from highly trained staff. When the family’s previous care provider fell short, our client’s father had no confidence in his daughter’s support. Understandably, he did not feel comfortable leaving his daughter in their care, and as a result he struggled to leave the house to take some time for himself.

Our team recognised the family’s needs, identifying a number of our skilled Support Staff who are experienced in tracheostomy care. We invest massively in our staff and their ongoing training, and work incredibly hard to support and guide them to provide the highest quality of care. We monitor our service very closely, and ensure that we’re continually delivering a great client service.

Our Case Leaders and team of Support Workers worked hard to establish a strong, professional relationship with both the client and her father. The client’s father soon felt comfortable with the consistent support that was in place, provided by our highly trained team!

Within one week, he felt so confident in our team’s support that he was able to leave the house and visit a friend. He now feels assured enough to take a break, knowing that his daughter is receiving the highest quality of care. We think this is a massive achievement for both him and his lovely daughter! We’re thrilled that the standard of our care has enabled this to happen, after many months of not being able to leave the house.

Building trust with our Support Workers has allowed our client’s father to step out when he needs to, to rest and enjoy time outside of the home. We were thrilled that our team was able to help him accommodate some well-deserved breaks into his routine. Our Support Workers are not only there to help the client, but also to provide opportunities for respite to those who care for them on a day-to-day basis.

Excellent care has a huge impact on individuals with support needs, but is especially important for their families too. It goes beyond addressing a client’s medical requirements. With proper support in place, our clients and their families are able to enjoy independence, normalcy and freedom. Outcomes like this are why we are so committed to providing brilliant, compassionate care and support to our clients and their families!


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