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Everyone who knows us know that we love a competition, no matter what the occasion! We have held them before for Halloween, Easter, Christmas Cards, and many more. We love the light hearted competitive side of our competitions but we also just love to have fun with our Clients and Support Workers too. So…..

This Summer, we are going to be holding a ‘Grow your own Sunflower’ Competition for our Client’s to be involved in. 

Over the next week or two, your Case Leader will be visiting you to deliver you your very own Sunflower Seed and a little pot filled with soil to begin your grow!

It generally takes 90 – 120 days to grow a sunflower, with lots of sunlight and lots of well draining soil underneath for when it rains.

To allow sunflowers to grow to their full potential, it would be a great idea to transfer your sunflower in to a larger plant pot or into your garden when it starts to grow.

Don’t forget to water your sunflower and keep it in its favourite place- in the sunshine!

We would love it if you would keep sending us regular updates of your sunflower by taking photographs and sending them to one of our Case Leaders or to someone within our Team at the Caremark Office.

Then when it comes to the middle of September- the end of the Summer- we will be asking you for a final photograph and the Client with the tallest and healthiest sunflower will win a bespoke prize.

We look forward to seeing your spectacular Sunflowers standing tall!


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