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Our Company History

Caremark launched in 2005, but the roots of the company go back as far as 1987, to a rest home established in Brighton. The success of that venture led to the provision of care services for people in their own homes.

Caremark Founder Kevin Lewis was one of the most experienced home care franchise experts in the UK. The success of the Caremark business draws extensively upon the care industry knowledge he gained over more than 30 years. It all began in 1987, when Kevin set up a rest home in Brighton. The success of this business venture led to social services inviting him to diversify into the provision of home care in 1993.

Sadly Kevin passed away in September 2021, however his vision for excellent care continues to live on. Kevin was a visionary, an innovator, a leader and the decisions that he made in business were always motivated by doing what he felt was right.
He was driven by a strong desire that through Caremark, and before that Carewatch, as many people as possible receive the exemplary care with which his name was synonymous.

Caremark Founder Kevin Lewis
One of the most experienced home care experts in the UK

"Our strength lies in the quality of our business model, our skilled support team and our ongoing commitment to providing the best support to our network"

Kevin Lewis - Founder

Being a franchise business, Caremark is able to deliver care across the UK and Ireland

Kevin realised there was a need throughout the UK for a specialised care service and for care to be delivered on a national scale via home care franchises. From 1995 to 2001, Kevin built a UK-wide network of successful franchise owners. He then became the UK market leader. No wonder Kevin’s success was then recognised, and his company was bought by a major PLC. Kevin’s desire to improve standards and access for customers in this field led him to launch Caremark in 2005.

Home care provision in over 95 UK areas

The desire to raise care standards and improve access to attentive, considerate care at home on a much larger scale led to the launch of Caremark in 2005. Since then, the company has steadily expanded throughout the UK, Ireland, and Malta.

Total commitment to our customers Caremark has an enviable reputation for providing exceptionally high standards of home care. This has been earned by drawing upon the unique experience gained over the past 30 years. Caremark endeavours to always maintain uncompromisingly high standards of commitment to serving our customers in a caring, friendly and professional way.

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