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17 Feb 2021

New evidence shows ‘overwhelming’ preference for in-home care over care homes.

Caremark are perfectly positioned to provide our live-in care and support to those who would rather stay in their homes but need full time care.

A survey conducted by YouGov on 2,058 adult members of the public recently, showed that more than 9 out of 10 (92%) respondents aged 65 years and over agreed that ‘people would prefer to be supported at home, rather than in a care home’. This view was also shared by 87% of 100 MPs polled.

If you are, or know anyone in this staggering 92%, then come and talk to us at Caremark, as we specialise in professional live-in care and support in the comfort of your own home, as and when you need it, 24-hours-a-day.

We can assist with mobility, to help with personal care, shopping, cooking or simply providing companionship and someone to talk to. Support from Caremark live-in care and support assistants can enable you or your family member to have someone there when needed dedicated to their health and wellbeing.

Our care team will work with you to put together a care plan that will help you live the way you want to every day, providing flexibility, choice, dignity and control and the very highest standards of care and support.

Why live-in Care and Support instead of residential care:

Home comforts: allowing you or your loved one to stay in familiar surroundings.

Familiarity: offering the reassurance that you or your family member can stay close to friends and family and the community.

Stability: the peace of mind that things do not need to change. You or your family member will not have to make decisions like which belongings to hold on to (like they might if they were going into residential care).

Peace of mind: one-on-one tailored, experienced support around the clock, maintaining your lifestyle and routines.

Flexibility: the live-in care assistant will fit in with you or your loved one’s routine and preferences and will be responsive to supporting changing needs.

Pets: if you or your loved one has any pets; they can stay in the home too.

Companionship: you or your loved one’s carer will be there to listen to any problems or worries and provide experienced support throughout difficult times as well as accompany you or your loved one on outings, trips to the doctor and medical appointments and more.

Dietary and nutritional benefits: you or your family member will be able to choose and help prepare their meals, deciding both what to eat and when to eat.

To find out more about Caremark live-in care then please click here.

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