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12 Mar 2014

Lynda Goldsmith featured in March 2014 IIRSM Newsletter

National Training Manager Lynda Goldsmith is interviewed in the latest issue

National Training Manager Lynda Goldsmith is featured in this month's IIRSM newsletter, talking about the Institute's accreditation of Caremark's Health and Safety training. The E learning courses and blended learning system were authored by Lynda, specifically to train in a home care environment, according to the Caremark system, policies and procedures.

Speaking to the IIRSM, Lynda explained how training in the home care sector presents a whole range of additional complexities.

"Being a dispersed workforce, home carers have different training requirements to that of those delivering a service within a care home," said Lynda. "Every home is different,health and safety risks to both care worker and client vary, and therefore the training has to be aimed at working in a unique environment."

Earlier this month, Lynda launched the Health & Wellbeing Initiative, alongside a new range of E Learning courses for franchisees.

Read and download the full article below:

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