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28 Dec 2018

How independent are your loved ones?

Maintaining one’s independence at home is a wish which would likely come near the top of everyone’s list. However, for some people this idea might seem like a distant wish in their mind, rather than a reality, but nonetheless can be achieved with the right support in place.

Is your loved one beginning to cut out some activities because of increasing frailty? Advancing years or decreasing mobility does not have to mean a lessening of one’s independence. It might just mean doing things a little differently.

As a home care provider we understand this. An important part of our client’s care and support is maintaining or improving their levels of independence and through working closely with each of them, we are able to help them achieve this.
However, your loved one may just need some help in re-thinking how they approach their daily life.

Here are some tips to help with achieving a greater level of independence.

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