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31 Mar 2014

Dementia awareness with Alzheimer's Society

Five tips on communicating with dementia sufferers with patience and respect

Living with a dementia can make the world a frustrating and confusing place to live in. The latest video from the Alzheimer's Society recreates a typical day in the life of a dementia sufferer, carrying out simple tasks such as going to the shops and using public transport and the challenges that arise.

As someone who has not encountered dementia in a friend or family member, repetitive questions or the failure to understand simple tasks can cause aggravation. Here are some tips to dealing with those with dementia respectfully:

At Caremark, many of the elderly individuals we care for live with dementia and a number of our offices offer a specialised dementia service. For further reading, have a look at Caremark (Mid Surrery)'s guide on creating a dementia box and Caremark (Barnsley)'s commitment to creating a dementia friendly community.

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