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16 Nov 2020

Congratulations to Caremark (Wakefield).

Another office joins the Caremark network and is ready to provide in-home care and support to the local community.

Despite the challenges of opening a business during COVID-19, Caremark (Wakefield) opened for business to fulfil a commitment to the Local Authority and community to help those in need of professional in-home care during these unprecedented times and beyond.

Managing Director Julie Oommen had this to say on her recent CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration “Providing care to people in their own homes is a big responsibility and one I take very seriously. Along with that, I’m feeling a lot of excitement. I’m delighted to have achieved CQC registration and be able to provide high quality care throughout the area and I’m very enthusiastic to do so. My aim, is to enable older people to carry on living in their own homes, improving quality of life for them and their families.”

Julie has a passion for providing care and support to those who choose to remain living in their own homes and has cemented her commitment to the community of Wakefield by opening this new in-home care business. “After a long career in healthcare, I have been closely involved in the provision of health care for people, mainly elderly population, and have seen them with their families as a unit and have come to understand their individual, family and social needs. I became passionate about caring the elderly and developed this desire to provide the highest standards of professional care and support, backed by Caremark’s systems and processes and ongoing support, at the heart of my business.”

Julie is supported by a new innovative registered Care Manager, Tom Hamill, a career care professional who has worked within care for several years working his way up through hard work, dedication and by providing excellent service. Tom is also committed to making sure that everybody has a voice and that clients are always the number one priority.

Julie went onto say “It’s great to have Tom on board, he is extremely professional yet empathetic in his approach. It’s incredibly inspiring that he always wants to put the clients first, he doesn’t just see clients as just names on a piece of paper; He wants to treat every client as you would a close friend or relative. This experience means he has invaluable in-depth and practical knowledge in every aspect of the domiciliary care industry.”

“I’ve always wanted to help people and am passionate about social care in the community,” said Julie. “I opened my business because I want to reach the most vulnerable people and genuinely make a positive difference to their lives’’.

Opening an in-home care business made sense to me from the outset because of my background in Healthcare in NHS and also my experience abroad from different social and economic backgrounds. That, combined with the training and support I’ve received from the Caremark head office, means I feel very well-equipped to embark on this journey. It’s a great opportunity to be more involved with helping people and to be more hands-on than I have ever been before’’.

To find out more about Caremark (Wakefield) and the services they offer, please click here.

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