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01 Jan 2015

Toye Akinyosoye (Leicester)

Toye received high praise from her Care Manager and her Field Care Supervisor for her faultless documentation and record keeping as well as her dedication to following Caremark’s policies and procedures.

Toye has demonstrated her commitment to her role as a Care Worker by her willingness to cover calls when her colleagues are unable to attend, even when asked at the last minute. Her dedication to her own client has been professional and compassionate and her care has made a profound difference to her client's wellbeing and quality of life.

Toye's client is a 46 year old lady who is blind, deaf and mute. Despite these disabilities, Toye has developed a unique way of communicating with her client by the use of touch and taps. Her client knows exactly where she needs to go and what she needs to do by the amount of taps she gets on a specific part of her body. Those outside the family who see Toye's client on a regular basis have commented on the considerable positive changes in her since Toye has been her Care Worker.

In addition, as her client's family speak very little English, Toye has been a vital link for them, communicating any concerns on their behalf back to her Supervisor and the office. She has created a routine for her client which all the other Care Workers now follow.

Her client's family have reported that Toye has become one of the family and they would be lost without her. Her client's mood lifts when Toye walks into the room and the family enjoy having her in their home. They think so highly of her they have nominated her for the Leicester Mercury Home Carer of the Year Awards! Well done Toye!

Visit the Caremark (Leicester) website for more information on their home care service.

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