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08 Mar 2018

Sophie Woodward (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire) & Melanie Allwood (Aylesbury & Wycombe)

Congratulations go to Sophie Woodward from Caremark (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire) and Melanie Allwood from Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe).

Sophie showed her real courage, care and compassion when she reported a situation of client abuse to her care manager. She realised that a family member was subjecting one of their clients to financial and physical abuse and knew she needed to do something about this. Sophie wrote a detailed report of the abuse for her manager so that precise facts could be passed on to the Safeguarding Team. A Safeguarding was raised and the Safeguarding Team went out to see the client. They have been in constant contact with the care manager, as they realise, as does the care manager, that Sophie was correct and she acted in her client’s best interests and with compassion and care. It takes courage to ‘blow the whistle’. The perpetrators do not always appreciate being caught out and can become difficult and unpleasant to deal with.

Sophie’s record keeping is also exemplary with all her MAR charts being spot on; her communication is excellent and she has sat in on best interest meetings with other professionals and managers as she knows the clients very well. Her opinion is highly regarded. As a team member she is highly valued and always works well with her colleagues, covering their calls if there is a problem and supporting the newer staff to settle in and learn the ropes. She is also popular with her clients!

Sophie works very hard and has really shown her worth. She understands how all the legislations interlink and that is why she is so quick on her feet and responds to situations promptly. She cares deeply for all her clients and truly works at providing a service which is first class.

Melanie attended a client’s home one evening in January and found the house in darkness. The client did not respond to Mel’s ringing either. After gaining authorisation from her supervisor, she let herself in and found that the client had passed away. She immediately called her supervisor and the police were alerted; Mel stayed at the house until the police arrived. As it was an unexpected death, Mel gave her statement to the police officers and then the family were informed. When the police told her she could leave, she called her supervisor and insisted she would go and finish her last call and got on her way.

Janis Anderson, the Managing Director was informed, and decided, as she was geographically the closest, to go and meet Mel at her last call to show support. On arriving at her call, the paramedics were there as her client had had a bad fall. One of the paramedics looked at Mel and said: “Have you just come from a client in Aylesbury?” He had been the same paramedic who had attended at the previous client who had died. Janis and Mel helped to get together some of the client’s belongings in readiness to go to hospital and fed and took care of her dog while the paramedics prepared her client.

Mel showed great fortitude in carrying on to her last call and then in supporting and helping her client in very difficult circumstances. She greatly impressed not only Caremark management, but also the paramedics who saw a level of commitment and care way beyond what is expected.

As can be seen from this incident, Mel is a good communicator and follows procedure quickly and correctly. She is completely reliable and has not had any sick leave or unauthorised absences either in the last year.

She is a dedicated, compassionate care worker, who always puts her clients first and works to the very best of her ability at all times.

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