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04 May 2022

Our April award goes to Eric Muiruri

A hard working and diligent member of the Caremark (North Herts & Stevenage) team, Eric’s commitment to the care of his client makes him a worthy winner.

Eric has worked for Caremark (North Herts & Stevenage) since July 2021 and supports one of their live-in clients. A very committed and dedicated Care & Support Worker, Eric strives to provide his client with good quality care. Eric is up and ready to greet the community carers each day and fully prepares for their visit ensuring everything is ready for the needs of the client. Eric always writes clear, detailed and concise log notes in a timely manner for a smooth handover, making sure the client is fully taken care of.

When the client was recently admitted to hospital, Eric supported hospital staff by getting the client to begin eating and drinking. His perseverance, companionship and encouragement helped reassure the client that he was in safe hands. Eric’s client has a variety of health conditions that impact his communication. Spending time building a rapport with him helped Eric to understand how best to communicate which resulted in the client being encouraged to articulate his wishes, choices & preferences.

Eric adopts a multidisciplinary approach in caring for his client and liaises well with a variety of professionals that are involved in his care. Eric has built good relationships with the community carers and works well to ensure that together they meet the gentleman’s needs. Eric continues to liaise with the office staff to ensure that any needs that cannot be met by him, with the support of the community carers, are followed up.

The commitment, dedication and hard work from Eric has vastly improved the quality of life of his client by ensuring that his care needs are being met holistically. Many professionals have mentioned the noticeable difference since Eric has been caring for this gentleman.

Eric is a reliable and devoted Care & Support Worker and the staff at Caremark (North Herts & Stevenage) are proud to have him as part of the team. His commitment to caring for his client has not gone unnoticed making him worthy as a winner of the Caremark Care & Support Worker of the month.

If like Eric you want to help your community and make a difference to the lives of our clients, visit our jobs page to find out more about a career with Caremark.

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