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15 Aug 2018

Louise McQueen from Caremark (Cannock Chase and South Staffordshire)

Congratulations to Louise McQueen from Caremark (Cannock Chase and South Staffordshire), winner of Caremark Care Worker of the Month for July.

Louise has demonstrated true professionalism and dedication in her role, particularly during a difficult time of management change. She provided exemplary support and information to our new management team which was a great help during this transition.

Throughout this change, which was quite disruptive, Louise engaged with clients and clients’ families, ensuring there was a seamless transition. She has provided great assistance with updating care plans, conducting reviews of clients’ care and support, as well as carrying out spot checks, quality audits and safety checks on client equipment whilst our Field Care Supervisor was away on annual leave.

Above all, Louise has built great rapport with her clients and staff and we are immensely proud of the great work she is doing and her out-and-out professionalism.

Louise is completely reliable and always brings in MAR charts and client logs for auditing. She always covers her care calls and provides support and guidance to her colleagues, but in particular to the newer, less experienced ones.

Louise is an excellent communicator and was not afraid to alert us to a recent serious financial safeguarding incident. She had suspicions that a third party was misusing the client’s details and obtaining goods from a catalogue company. When the bills kept arriving, the client was continually distressed and very concerned. This resulted in the safeguarding team and the police being involved and the matter was duly investigated and resolved. Although her background is not in Care, her compassion and assertiveness really helped keep this client safe from financial abuse.

Working to high standards, Louise always picks up care calls and ensures continuity of care. She has also used great initiative and best practice principles with her clients:

some were bed ridden and are now sitting up in their arm chairs enjoying the sunny weather great improvements made with clients’ skin integrity through excellent care and follow-up procedures some are eating much better due to good care and attention to food preferences and being encouraged to try more diverse foods increases to care packages has meant shopping calls are now happening and the client is now able to choose her own food and have a wider variety of food groups improved nutrition due to clients being encouraged to think what they would like to eat rather than relying upon an elderly friend to provide everything

Her clients think very highly of her. “The best carer, couldn’t be better!”
We think so too!

Well done Louise – a deserving winner for July!

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