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26 Nov 2020

Lisa Cranston – Caremark (Mansfield & Ashfield)

Congratulations to Lisa Cranston from Caremark (Mansfield & Ashfield) who is Caremark’s Care Worker of the Month for November.

Lisa was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the Home Care Insight - Home Care Heroes Awards, she sadly didn’t win it, but this was still fantastic recognition of her from HCI. We also wanted to recognise her efforts and award her with the CSW of the Month Award for November.

Lisa has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic enduring many shifts and extra shifts when colleagues where having to self-isolate, continuing to care for others with a smile and a cheery disposition despite having to deal with a tragic accident within her own family, resulting in additional care being required for her son. Lisa did this because of her dedication to caring for the most vulnerable members of the community ensuring that they were reassured in the first few weeks of lock down.

Lisa also saved the life of a customer. After leaving her client’s lunch call on September 8, she was alerted by the member of the public that there was a fire alarm sounding at a neighbouring customer’s property. On entering the property, she discovered that the lounge was full of smoke and the customer was asleep in her chair, with the bin to the side of her alight.

Lisa quickly jumped into her status as a “Hero in Blue”, checking on the customer initially before extinguishing the fire and opening all the doors and windows.

Whilst waiting for the all-clear from the emergency services, Lisa stayed with the customer to ensure that she was okay, and also continued to clean the property to remove smoke residue and ensure that the property would remain habitable, as well as advising next of kin of the incident and actions being taken.

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