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25 Sep 2018

Jackie Buck from Caremark (Osmund Court)

Jackie’s high standard of care and attention to detail won her praise from the Care Quality Commission recently something which does not happen every day!

She is always organised, works efficiently but with real care and compassion and takes care to ensure her clients are completely happy with their care calls.

It was during one of her regular calls to her client that Jackie noticed his iPad was not in its usual place. This was out of the ordinary and immediately caught her attention, so she knew something was not right. Discreetly and without alerting her client, who suffers with extreme anxiety, she carefully searched around the flat whilst she carried out her call.

The iPad was definitely nowhere to be seen, so Jackie reported this to her Care Manager. She asked that her client’s brother be informed immediately, so that he was aware of the next steps that Caremark would take in reporting a possible theft.

Jackie followed all the correct procedures and as an outcome of the Safeguarding alert raised, the CQC congratulated her on her observation skills, her diligence and her knowledge of her client’s life and immediate environment. Her immediate action will hopefully have a positive outcome for her client.

As a member of the care team, Jackie is very good in helping to induct new care workers. She has an excellent relationship with all the clients at Osmund Court and is able to pass on her knowledge to new staff.

Mr MW added his praise and said: “Jackie and her daughter are my favourite girls! They know exactly what to do and go beyond what is expected.”

Her reliability and team work is exemplary. Despite the demands of caring for her own husband at home who also needs Jackie’s care and support, she is always willing to step in and help cover shifts if there are staff shortages due to illness or holidays.

Jackie is a great member of the Osmund Court team and valued by everyone.

Congratulations Jackie! A deserving winner for September!

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