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01 Feb 2016

Hannah Spoila (Guildford & Woking)

Hannah has settled in very well at Caremark and is greatly liked and respected by both her colleagues and her clients. Her capable, caring nature is clearly demonstrated with the number of clients she supports who have complex needs. She is always willing to do that bit extra to ensure all are safe and comfortable and nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

Hannah has a great attitude towards her work and maintains a flexible approach which greatly helps her team when they need to make alterations to the rotas.  She is very willing to work outside her agreed availability and often puts the client and work colleagues ahead of herself.

Her communication skills are excellent and she will always inform us of any issues, changes or concerns she has about any of her clients.  Her practical, calm manner is greatly appreciated by her clients, and on several occasions she has resolved potential problems for some of them much to the relief of grateful family members who cannot speak highly enough of her.  Clients often give the office nice comments about her and say "she is a joy to have around" and "we are very pleased when Hannah comes to visit and she shows she cares."

Her colleagues recently nominated her for (Guildford & Woking)'s Carer of the Year 2015, which she then went on to win, and some of the comments they submitted were: "She is adaptable and non-judgemental", "goes above her duty to help others", "builds excellent rapport with clients".

Well done Hannah - a very worthy winner!
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