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01 Jun 2015

Emma Turvey (Aylesbury & Wycombe)

Emma demonstrates high standards of care and working to best practice principles with all her clients, but this was illustrated recently with one extremely vulnerable young lady in particular.

This client struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse problems. Emma reported to her Field Care Supervisor every day in connection with the care of this client as she was concerned about her client's state of mind and her appearance, given her particular vulnerability while living with a new partner.

Maintaining good channels of communication and always being reliable, Emma completed all incident forms and reports regarding this sensitive situation and maintained strict confidentiality at all times.

Emma worked hard to shadow and induct new Care Workers to this vulnerable client, ensuring appropriate relationships were maintained and that new care workers understood the individual's requirements and sensitivities. She carried out her duties as requested by the Field Care Supervisor and management with care and compassion and built an excellent, supportive relationship with the client. Her evidenced communication skills were exceptional and she showed flexibility and intelligence in dealing with an unusual care and support situation.

The client eventually moved which brought the package to a natural close and it was then the Local Authority safeguarding team emailed their thanks AND sent a thank you card to Emma in gratitude for fulfilling her duties so diligently in an awkward and sensitive situation, which went beyond standard care and support packages. Well done Emma!

Visit the Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe) website for more information on their home care service.

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