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26 Apr 2018

Cody Bond (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire)

Cody’s level of dedication, professionalism and compassion is clearly visible through her approach and work with her clients. This is particularly evident in her work with a client that cannot speak the English language. When he first was received by Caremark, both Social Workers and the District Nurses Team didn't think he would live long due to his medical problems, and his inability to understand the doctors. Yet, through the perseverance of Cody who showed visual aids and used her initiative, the client slowly got better.

Cody is always reliable and an effective communicator, keeping her manager informed if her client developed any pressure sores or if the GP had to be called out.
Care Manager, Sally-Ann Martin commented: “It was an absolute delight on the 1st February when we had our Digni-Tea Day, that we heard this client speak a few English words for the first time. He does this when Cody goes into his room. "Hello Darling" comes out of his mouth, and apparently a few other words Cody has taught him.
“This Asian gentleman has been taken under everybody's wing, and the Social Worker was truly amazed when she saw him recently. His skin was glowing, he was sitting upright, smiling, and in the mood for some fun.........even in the gloomy winter!”

Cody is also a great team player and works well with her colleagues, particularly in respect of the care of this client. She kept her manager updated with her client’s progress or of any illness. She makes sure all records of the GP’s visits are up to date too. The District Nurses also go in three times a week now. The occupational therapist has recently allowed the client to receive a recliner chair, so that he may come out of his room, and watch everyone from his living room. This is progress!

Cody has not only excelled with this gentleman, but she has bonded with quite a difficult client and gives feedback on her. This lady is in a lot of pain, and tends not to eat, and sometimes verbally abuses the care workers. However, this doesn’t seem to affect Cody, and the lady now allows Cody to just take care of her.

Cody has become a very valuable member of staff and has made a big impression on the management team.
“I couldn't ask for a more compassionate, and harder worker than this young girl. I'm very proud of her!” added Sally-Ann.

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