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30 May 2018

Carolann Bird from Caremark (West Oxfordshire & Cherwell)

Carolann is one of West Oxon & Cherwell’s first Care & Support Workers having started with the care team in 2010.

Nominated for this month’s award, Dinah Madelin, Director observed: “Carolann has become one of our most hardworking, loyal and dependable carers, coming to us with no previous ‘care’ experience and convinced she would never be able to cope.” Nothing could be further from the truth, as Carolann has shown herself to be a real asset to Dinah’s hard-working care team.

“She completed our very first induction training on the 29th May 2010 and 8 years later is still here and is a truly valued member of staff”, Dinah added.

Carolann does not drive but this has never affected her reliability, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the management. During some of the worst weather earlier in the year and through all the heavy snow, she walked miles to get to her clients, making sure everyone had their visit. In addition, she is dependable in difficult situations and does all she can to help out when other staff go off at short notice, demonstrating her conscientious approach to her work and her clients.

Carolann’s communication skills are excellent, both written and verbal but in particular her writing up of the daily log sheets which are respectful, concise, factual, always written in black ink (as requested) and above all legible – something which is essential but not always a given.

Carolann is also a great team player and very discreet, never getting embroiled in gossip but works happily and respectfully with her colleagues. Consequently, she is respected by both clients and colleagues. Her professional and caring demeanour has inspired others to approach her in the street and ask if Caremark has any vacancies for new care workers. What a great advert for Caremark and for (West Oxon & Cherwell)’s care team overall!

Over the years, Carolann has had many wonderful compliments and messages of thanks from the people and families she has supported and continues to support. After 8 years of dedicated service, Carolann is still doing an excellent job and is highly valued by Dinah, John and their team, not to mention her many clients.

Well done and many congratulations to Carolann!

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