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10 Feb 2021

Caremark: Care & Support Worker of the Month – January 2021.

The first recipient of Caremark Care & Support Worker of the month for 2021 is Gemma Dawson, Caremark (Dacorum & St Albans), who scoops the award for January.

Gemma recently became a home care hero during one of her calls, where she found a client in distress (pictured together). Here is what the client’s husband said in a review on “At 21:15 on Friday night, the carer arrived for her evening duty. She was concerned at my wife's serious loss of balance and decided to request an ambulance. The carer was told that there were "more important cases to be dealt with", and there was no ambulance available for several hours.

The carer refused to accept this and called again. She was eventually advised the paramedics be called. After a series of tests, they found my wife had a faulty heart condition and took her straight to hospital where she stayed overnight. At around 08:30 Saturday morning, my wife was taken to another hospital from where a surgeon telephoned me to say he was going to operate immediately and give my wife a pacemaker. He agreed her Carer's diligence had saved her life! The diagnosis was: Complete heart block-emergency dual-chamber pacemaker”.

Without this decisive, professional action, Gemma’s client may not have survived this ordeal. Gemma’s Care Manager (also called Gemma) at Caremark (Dacorum & St Albans) had this to say of her: “She is fantastic at her job, she always goes above and beyond. She is an exceptional Carer.”

Gemma moved into the care industry after caring for her elderly Grandmother who is now a client of Caremark (Dacorum & St Albans) which inspired her to become a professional Carer. She said of her caring career: “It’s the most rewarding job I have ever had, ensuring all the client’s needs are met.”

If you or a loved one could use the highest level of care on offer at Caremark, then please click here for our full list of services and your local office. Or, alternatively, if you would like to make a real difference in your local community like Gemma, then please click here to find out more about careers with Caremark.

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