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01 Aug 2015

Amanda Buckthorpe (Southend & Rochford)

Mandy was nominated for this award by her Care Manager, Angie Austin who described her as "an absolutely outstanding Care Worker".

Mandy has been with the business since the start and has remained a loyal and dedicated Care Worker throughout the last seven years and has always worked to the highest professional standards, following Caremark's policies and procedures.

Her reliability is outstanding and Mandy has never taken a day's sickness in seven years! In her time with (Southend & Rochford), Mandy has also worked as a Field Care Supervisor and so has a very thorough knowledge of how the job should be done.  Her extensive knowledge of caring for someone with MS and epilepsy means that she often contributes to the training sessions for these subjects. 

Mandy will only take her leave when her client is on holiday or when she has ensured all her shifts are covered so that she knows that her client is ok.

Mandy communicates well with her Supervisor and the office regarding anything that changes in the field and as an experienced care worker she is often selected for newer recruits doing their shadowing work.

Her commitment and dedication to her work is highly regarded, most of all by her main client with whom she spends most of her time.  Her client is a lady in her mid-40s who has MS and epilepsy and who also has a daughter with disabilities.

Mandy's support is also appreciated by the wider family and they regard her more an extended member of their family rather than their care worker.  This was emphasized recently when the client's father passed away which was a huge loss to everyone.  Mandy helped and supported her client throughout this very difficult time and even supported her client's mother.  The family have always expressed how fond they are of Mandy and how grateful they are for all that she does for them.

Angie Austin, her Care Manager said: "Mandy is one of my top Care Workers and is a highly valued member of the team.  The support she gives to her client and the client's family is fantastic and they consider her to be their rock.  We are very proud of her!"
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