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01 Apr 2015

Alison Grayson (Sefton)

Alison joined Caremark (Sefton) in August last year with no previous experience in Care. Since then she has achieved her NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care and is now well on her way to achieving NVQ 3.

Alison's timekeeping is excellent, her paperwork is exemplary and should she have any concerns about a client she will contact her Field Care Supervisor immediately with a possible solution. She is always very reliable and if we have a problem covering a call, Alison will do her utmost to help.

Alison's good communication and care has made a profound difference to one of her clients, who was initially receiving 12 hours of care from us.  When we started caring for the client she was confused, not eating or taking her medication.  However, this changed dramatically with the start of Alison's dedicated support, her preparing fresh food, taking her client shopping, working at jigsaws with her and giving general companionship.  Now her client only receives 4 hours of care a day and she is inviting her friends round for tea and playing cards with them!

Her team work is also superb and this is clearly illustrated with a young boy with learning difficulties whom she was supporting.  Her young client needed lifting three times a day and initially Alison worked with another carer on this task, but within a short time she became the number one in leading the lift.  Not only was the mother complimentary of the support she was giving her son, but her fellow care workers were also giving positive feedback.

We have received some wonderful compliments from clients too, some of which are:

A lady Alison cares for contacted the office after she had made only two visits, requesting that Alison became her sole carer. Another client sent in a note saying how cheerful Alison was, how she set her up for the day, nothing was any trouble - suddenly the mornings were something to look forward to.

We are very proud of Alison and hope that she will be a Field Care Supervisor in the near future!

Visit the Caremark (Sefton) website for more information on their home care service.

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