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Each month, Caremark receives nominations from across its network.

This is in recognition of the excellent home care that Caremark provides and those Care Workers who go above and beyond to enrich the lives of their clients.

4th December 2019

Gabriella Toth (Three Rivers & Chiltern)

Congratulations to Gabriella Toth from Caremark (Three Rivers & Chiltern) who is Caremark’s Care Worker of the Month for November.

8th November 2019

Hannah Moses (Havering)

Congratulations to Hannah Moses from Caremark (Havering) who is Caremark’s Care Worker of the Month for October.

16th October 2019

Chloe Martin (Thanet)

Congratulations to Chloe Martin from Caremark (Thanet) who is Caremark’s Care Worker of the Month for September.

6th March 2019

Ann Euden (Thanet)

Congratulations to Ann Euden who wins February’s award for Care Worker of the Month.

8th February 2019

Katherine Campbell (Thanet)

Congratulations to Katherine Campbell, who wins January’s award for Care Worker of the Month.

5th February 2019

Carolann Bird (West Oxfordshire & Cherwell) - Care Worker of the Year

Carolann was one of Dinah’s first care and support workers having started with the care team in 2010.

4th January 2019

Emma Parr (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire)

Congratulations to Emma Parr from Caremark (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire), winner of Caremark Care Worker of the Month for December 2018.

12th November 2018

Tracey Hampshire (Coventry)

Congratulations to Tracey Hampshire from Caremark (Coventry), winner of Caremark Care Worker of the Month for October.

25th September 2018

Jackie Buck from Caremark (Osmund Court)

Jackie’s high standard of care and attention to detail won her praise from the Care Quality Commission recently something which does not happen every day!

15th August 2018

Louise McQueen from Caremark (Cannock Chase and South Staffordshire)

Congratulations to Louise McQueen from Caremark (Cannock Chase and South Staffordshire), winner of Caremark Care Worker of the Month for July.

29th June 2018

Arlette Joseph from Caremark (Hammersmith & Fulham)

Arlette has been part of the care team from the outset and began looking after (Hammersmith & Fulham)’s very first client.

30th May 2018

Carolann Bird from Caremark (West Oxfordshire & Cherwell)

Carolann is one of West Oxon & Cherwell’s first Care & Support Workers having started with the care team in 2010.

26th April 2018

Cody Bond (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire)

Cody’s level of dedication, professionalism and compassion is clearly visible through her approach and work with her clients. This is particularly evident in her work with a client that cannot speak the English language. When he first was received by Caremark, both Social Workers and the District Nurses Team didn't think he would live long due to his medical problems, and his inability to understand the doctors. Yet, through the perseverance of Cody who showed visual aids and used her initiative, the client slowly got better.

8th March 2018

Sophie Woodward (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire) & Melanie Allwood (Aylesbury & Wycombe)

Congratulations go to Sophie Woodward from Caremark (Cannock Chase & South Staffordshire) and Melanie Allwood from Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe).

30th January 2018

Maria Moldovanu (Hillingdon) - Care Worker of the Year

Monica, as she likes to be called, demonstrated compassion, professionalism and the ability to see beyond her client’s extremely challenging behaviour and see the person behind it.

17th November 2017

Linda Devine (Hillingdon)

Linda works closely with clients with learning disabilities as well as those with dementia and her patient and thoughtful way of working with them has brought forth some lovely compliments. Whatever she is doing, Linda always works in line with best practice principles and the Caremark system.

1st September 2017

Grace Coyle (Richmond-upon-Thames)

It is not often that clients nominate their care worker for an award, but Grace is one such example! Dedicated and hardworking, Grace has shown a high level of professionalism across all aspects of her role and has contributed in a significant way to the social, physical and intellectual development of one of her clients who has learning disabilities.

7th July 2017

Amy Taylor (Guildford & Woking)

Amy’s relationship with her clients is excellent and although they comment that she “always goes above and beyond” for them, she always works within Caremark’s policies and procedures and does not cross professional boundaries. She has demonstrated clearly that she understands the scope of her role whilst helping her clients to feel really well cared for.

1st June 2017

Marcela Tica (Three Rivers and Chiltern)

Marcela Tica made such a great impression on her client Mr Duncalf and her Care Manager, Sandra Parsons that they both nominated her for the monthly national award!

1st April 2017

Octavian Ionescu (Chiltern & Three Rivers)

Nominated by his Care Manager, Diana Graves, Octavian is considered to be a shining example of an excellent care worker. He is totally reliable from every aspect, is flexible in his working approach and picks up calls outside his availability.

1st February 2017

Maria Moldovanu (Hillingdon)

Congratulations to Maria Moldovanu (Monica) from (Hillingdon) Care and Support Worker of the month for January 2017

1st November 2016

Leah Gale (Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Malling)

Leah was one of the first Care Workers to join Martin Steyn and his new team and already has set a very high standard of care for others to follow. She fully understands the importance of training and is meticulous in all her record keeping.

1st September 2016

Sharlene Reynolds and Zulaikha Mahmood (Waltham Forest)

Sharlene and Zulaikha worked exceptionally well together in a difficult and distressing situation which clearly demonstrated their competence, professionalism and compassion.

1st May 2016

Ian Wood (Kirklees)

Ian Wood is a relative newcomer to providing care having only joined (Kirklees) at the end of January. However, he quickly cemented his place as a pivotal member of the team providing high standards of Care and Support to his clients. From the word ‘go’, Ian embraced the Caremark system by ensuring he followed all procedures and guidelines and clarifying any areas where he was unsure.

1st February 2016

Hannah Spoila (Guildford & Woking)

Hannah has settled in very well at Caremark and is greatly liked and respected by both her colleagues and her clients. Her capable, caring nature is clearly demonstrated with the number of clients she supports who have complex needs. She is always willing to do that bit extra to ensure all are safe and comfortable and nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

1st January 2016

Emma Winspear (Redcar & Cleveland)

Emma is a really valued member of the team and loved by all the clients she visits, who describe her as being ‘happy, bubbly and caring’. She is always prompt for her calls, complies with all Caremark’s policies and procedures and informs her Field Care Supervisor or the office of any issues, as they occur.

1st December 2015

Jayne Williams (Redcar & Cleveland)

Jayne is an excellent Care Worker who is reliable, always works to best practice principles and communicates clearly and efficiently with the Field Care Supervisors. She knows her clients very well and so is able to notice any changes in their health and immediately feeds this back to her Supervisors.

1st October 2015

Chereece Engel-Gilmour (Winchester & Eastleigh)

This month's nomination has been sent in by Calum Gray, the Managing Director of (Winchester & Eastleigh) who was very impressed with one of his younger Care Workers. Chereece Engel-Gilmour, although only 19 years old, has demonstrated really good practice and has shown maturity and use of initiative beyond her years.

1st September 2015

Claire Teale (Redcar & Cleveland)

Working with her Field Care Supervisor, Claire quickly reports issues, is observant of client concerns and asks for help if extra care is needed.

1st August 2015

Amanda Buckthorpe (Southend & Rochford)

Mandy was nominated for this award by her Care Manager, Angie Austin who described her as "an absolutely outstanding Care Worker".

1st June 2015

Emma Turvey (Aylesbury & Wycombe)

Emma demonstrates high standards of care and working to best practice principles with all her clients, but this was illustrated recently with one extremely vulnerable young lady in particular.

1st May 2015

Betty Keane (Barnet & Enfield)

Betty is 100% reliable. She can always be depended on to arrive on time, to deliver a high standard of service to her customers and not to let us down at the last minute

1st April 2015

Alison Grayson (Sefton)

Alison joined Caremark (Sefton) in August last year with no previous experience in Care. Since then she has achieved her NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care and is now well on her way to achieving NVQ 3.

1st March 2015

Cally Wilcock (Mid Sussex & Crawley)

Cally started with Caremark in September 2011 and has shown herself to be a consistently reliable, professional and conscientious care worker, very rarely absent from work.

1st February 2015

Sophie Hood (Redcar & Cleveland)

Sophie has been a Care Worker with (Redcar & Cleveland) for almost 2 years and during that time has built up excellent trusting relationships with her set group of clients and is seen as part of their family.

1st January 2015

Toye Akinyosoye (Leicester)

Toye received high praise from her Care Manager and her Field Care Supervisor for her faultless documentation and record keeping as well as her dedication to following Caremark’s policies and procedures.

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