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Our mission is to help people live longer, happier lives

Working at Caremark is so much more than just a job and a means to an end… It’s a vocation with one simple mission – to really get to know our clients, and to support them to enjoy the little things in life that make a big difference.

We do this by delivering outstanding service and we’re enormously proud of our people and of everything they are achieving on a daily basis. As one of the top providers of home care in the UK, we owe everything to our staff and we go out of our way to make sure they are rewarded and highly regarded.

We’re a big company with an even bigger heart

Of course, our clients are at the heart of everything we do but it is our people who help our clients to flourish and enjoy their lives. To make this happen we need amazing, kind, compassionate and sensitive team members with excellent people skills, a real lust for life, and a genuine desire to help others.

Here we consider what a career at Caremark looks like in more detail, focusing on:

What it’s like to work for us

What our staff say about working with Caremark

Career progression at Caremark

Why work with us

Current roles

How to apply for a job at Caremark

We’ll nurture your talent

At Caremark you will find a friendly and supportive family-style environment. Our staff are keen to recruit caring, motivated people who genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people. Once you’re working with us, we’ll nurture your talents and do all we can to help you enhance and improve upon them through our excellent opportunities for career progression.

Through our training program we can teach you many of the skills required for your role, but a natural calling to help others, as well as compassion and dedication are key attributes we look for in our recruitment process.

Read about our Training and Development here.

Think you’re the right fit for us? Take a look at the kinds of roles we have on offer right now.

Caremark is a company our people are proud to be part of

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of home care with over 100 franchises in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

We’re a big company with a family feel and we’re proud to have around 6,000 people working with us on our simple mission: to help vulnerable people live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives in their own homes.

We nurture talent

Once you’re on board with us, we’ll encourage you to pursue a range of learning and development opportunities, and we’ll support you at every step of the way. We believe in our people, and value, nurture and encourage our team members to realise their potential. Whether it’s from care assistant to field care supervisor, or from field care supervisor to care manager, we’ve encouraged plenty of fantastic career progressions at Caremark.

“I worked part-time as a carer while studying at university and became a care coordinator when I left. After establishing a good rapport with my clients, I decided I wanted a more field-based role. I was offered the role of field care supervisor which I enjoyed for 7 months before being appointed a care manager. Five years later and here I am! I can still remember picking up my first carers uniform as if it was yesterday. I honestly had no idea how much Caremark would become my life like it is today!”
Holly O’Neill, Care Manager, Caremark Pulborough

We’ve always got time for a chat

We view Caremark as one big family and we treat our care assistants as we do our own families. We operate an open-door policy and encourage our people to contact us with any problems, or even just to pop in for a coffee and natter.

We offer a host of benefits

We want you to love working with us and to reward you for your hard work, energy and enthusiasm we provide a range of benefits:

  • a competitive salary
  • part-time and flexible positions to suit those with families
  • exciting training and development opportunities
  • a challenging and rewarding environment
  • huge flexibility for live-in carer roles, allowing for travel or time with family between placements
  • ongoing training and support
  • many opportunities for career progression

What our staff say about working with Caremark

Our staff are a happy bunch of genuinely lovely people. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to discover what some of them have to say about working with Caremark…

Ann-Marie - Field Care Supervisor

Ann-Marie worked in retail for almost 20 years before deciding she needed a new challenge. Her only care ‘experience’ had involved looking after her nan, but it was her unhappiness with the professional carers that were also supporting her relative that prompted her to become one herself.

Her first job was working for a company which specialised in the provision of 24-hour care for people, and she was allocated one customer to care for. Wanting to take on a role that would bring her into contact with more people, she then joined Caremark (Broxtowe and Erewash) in November 2018. She says:

“Looking after one person all the time was very rewarding, but it could be tough mentally and physically. Having been unhappy at the care my Nan received my thought was that if I was going to be a professional carer, I wanted to help as many people as possible.

“Joining Caremark enabled me to do this. It’s much more fast-paced than my previous role, but you need to work harder to build up relationships because you are seeing lots of different people during the course of a day."

In April 2019, Ann-Marie was made Field Care Supervisor, a role which still involves providing care herself, but also includes carrying out assessments of new clients and devising their care plans.

She adds: “I love my job. In some ways its very similar to when I worked in supermarket management in that you needed to be a good listener and deliver excellent customer service.

“If you come into care just for the money, then you have the wrong attitude and it’s not the job for you. But, if you have time, patience and understanding and like the idea of making a major difference to people’s lives, then there’s no more rewarding jobs.”

Donna - Carer

Donna joined Caremark as a cleaner in 2016, initially working on a part-time basis to see if it would be a job she liked. She explains:

“Many of the people I cleaned for were elderly and I would often, at my own choice, help them with little care needs.

“I wanted then to see if care was for me but very quickly after joining Caremark I knew it definitely was. There’s great flexibility at Caremark so you can work as much, or as little, as you like, but I absolutely love what I do.

“If you have a caring side, it’s definitely the job for you and knowing what you are doing is helping someone remain at home is so rewarding. One of the nicest sides to the job is getting to know people and providing companionship.

“I am known as the singing carer because I always come into homes singing and it makes people happy. I can’t think of anything better than that!”

Donna, 49, has three grown-up children and recently became a ‘Nana’. As well as enjoying spending time with her grandchild, she regularly goes out for meals or the cinema – just two of her favourite pastimes, other than caring of course!

Nicola - Field Care Supervisor

People become carers for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they have a naturally caring nature, others because they are looking for a change in career and a few have their own very personal, and often very painful, experiences which inspire them to help others. Nicola is all of these people.

Nicola initially worked at a children’s nursery, helping the all-important early years development of young children. As a housewife, she was also mum caring for her two children, and then completely out of the blue and with no warning, Nicola’s husband David was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), which affects movement and balance, speech, swallowing, vision, mood and behaviour, and the mind.

Suddenly, Nicola found herself with another care responsibility, looking after David. She was supported by professional carers so got to see for herself what good care looked like. David sadly passed away six years ago. For most people, the prospect of returning to work after something like this would have been unfathomable, but for Nicola, out of something so tragic has also come something positive.

She decided to become a carer and joined Caremark in January 2018. Now one of our Field Care Supervisors, Nicola is responsible for overseeing the work of carers in her area, carrying out assessments and helping to train new staff.She explains:

“I have high expectations of myself and others and I feel strongly that the care we provide should always be done to the very highest standards.

“You have to remember that when we originally walk into people’s homes, we are doing so as strangers, so that’s a big step for them, as it was for me when David was receiving care.

“It’s a privilege to be invited into someone’s home and you are often doing so at desperate times for them. As carers we need to ensure we are always attentive to people’s needs and be prepared to go over and above to meet these needs.

“I once visited an elderly lady who, at the end of my care call, started crying her eyes out. The last thing on my mind then was going home, even though it was late in the evening because I wouldn’t have been doing my job properly until I knew she was ok. Everyone has a breaking point and it’s only really when you have been in this position yourself that you truly understand what people are going through.”

When Nicola is not working (and thankfully she loves to work!), she is a Lay Minister at her local church, further evidence, if needed, that caring is in every fibre of her being.

Rhiannon - Carer

Rhiannon was a beauty therapist before she decided to become a carer with Caremark. She has a maturity that belies her age (19) and has something which can’t be taught, namely the ability to act perceptively.

An example is when she was in the home of an elderly lady who lives by herself. The lady had no family network around her, and Rhiannon noticed she appeared very lonely.

Rhiannon’s mum is part of The Salvation Army, so she mentioned the lady and arrangements were made to take her out once a week to a lunch club for the over-60s. The lady has blossomed since and now looks forward to her weekly outings.

“She hadn’t been out for a very long time so understandably was very lonely” Rhiannon explains, continuing: “this wasn’t helping her health and well-being. At the club she is mixing with people of a similar age and making new friends.”

Rhiannon says she is enjoying being a carer. “I like interacting and helping people and you get a lot of satisfaction from knowing what you are doing is contributing to someone being able to remain in their own home.”

Jon - Carer

After 30 years working in the retail industry (for the Spar convenience store group), in 2018 Jon was ready for a change. When his wife suggested caring it made sense to Jon. When he was young his mum was a warden of a sheltered housing scheme, so he was used to being around elderly people. And as his parents got older, he also cared for them.

So, early in 2019 Jon applied to Caremark Kirklees, and become a Carer. He has quickly become one of the franchise’s best carers, popular with both staff and clients and always willing to go the extra mile. He says:

“Retail and caring may seem like two entirely different jobs, but there are actually some similarities, the main one being customer service. Whether you are selling a tin of baked beans, or serving someone lunch, it’s effectively the same and both jobs involve interacting with people.

Jon, 47, believes his age has helped him adjust quickly to his new job. “Because I am closer to the age of people we provide care for I can talk to them about things they know, such as music from the 1950s or 60s, or even when you used to eat tripe and beef dripping.

“The best advice I can give to someone thinking about a change in career is to give care a go. Effectively, you are getting paid to go into people’s houses to talk to them and do the things that enable them to remain in their home – there’s not much better than that in my view.”

Bethany - Field Care Supervisor

Before becoming a carer, Bethany says she “was the shyest person you could meet”. If you speak to her colleagues and clients, it’s fair to say that’s not something they would now say about her!

Bethany has been a carer for six years, with the last three spent working for Caremark Kirklees. As a Field Care Supervisor, she is responsible for carrying out assessments and drawing up a support plans for new clients and then liaising with the care coordinators over the delivery of the care. She also continues to provide care herself. Bethany says:

“My sister works in care and she suggested it was something I might be good at, but I wasn’t sure.“I was the shyest person you could meet and wasn’t comfortable in the company of strangers, so that didn’t bode well for a career in care. However, I took to it very quickly and needless to say I am no longer shy!”

Bethany says her approach to care involves really getting to know her clients. “You find out about people by chatting to them when you are in their home, that way you discover what they like and don’t like.

“An example is a client who likes the music of Neil Diamond. I didn’t know his music at all before she mentioned him, but I then made sure I listened to him so now when I go into her home, we put his songs on and sing together. That may not seem a big thing, but it means everything to her, and for me that sums up everything about delivering good care.”

Lia - Field Care Supervisor

Lia always wanted to be an air stewardess but the height restrictions at the time (she’s 5ft 2ins) prevented her from fulfilling this ambition – thankfully the passengers’ loss was definitely our gain. That’s because if she had been able to take up a life in the skies, Lia may never have done something she now excels at, which is caring for people in their own homes.

Lia was introduced to care when she looked after her mum in the last few months of her life following a brave battle against cancer. She saw first-hand, the good, and less good, approaches to care. Lia explains:

“Mum was in hospital and I didn’t realise at the time that she was being looked after by agency nurses, one of whom was very offhand. She was treating my mum like a number, not a person, and I remember thinking I could do better than that, so that prompted me to become a professional carer.”

Lia has been a carer for 9 years and joined Caremark Kirklees two years ago. She is soon became a Senior Home Care Professional and was recently promoted to the position of Field Care Supervisor. Having worked for several home care companies, Lia is well placed to comment on the difference between working for them and Caremark. She explains: “It’s the flexibility they give you. I need to pop home every day to let out my dogs and there’s never a problem. They are very kind, and they want you to be happy when you are at work. That gives you great peace of mind.”

Lia’s day starts at 5am and ends around 6pm/7pm. During the course of a day she will see up to 20 clients. Lia adds: “My attitude to work is that if the clients are happy, then I am happy, and I treat everyone like I would like to be treated myself. It’s also about remember the small things, for example, when I am preparing food I like it to be nicely presented. So, when it comes to sandwiches, I will cut them into triangles and serve them standing up on a plate, like you would get in a café or restaurant. I even make sure the serviettes look pretty!”

We’ll leave the last word to one of Lia’s regular clients, Dorothy Charlesworth, who says: “Lia is top of the pack.” That says it all about Lia – we’re glad she was too small to fly!

Tomasz - Carer

Tomasz (Tom) holds the distinction of being at Caremark Leeds since we started providing home care in 2008. Having come to Leeds from his native Poland a few years earlier, he was looking for a job that would interest him, and 11 years later he is now one of our most senior care assistants, someone we know we can always rely on.

His work ethic is second-to-none. He’s always the first to take on extra hours or help out at short notice to cover holidays or sickness. He is also someone who never stands still and constantly wants to better himself. This has resulted in him gaining an NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care. And his hard work also paid off a few years ago when, along with his wife and two sons, the family got their first mortgage and bought their own house. Tom says:

“I choose to work as many hours as I can, so that means getting up at 5.30am each morning and not getting back home until 9.30pm, six days a week. I work half a day on Sunday, so we can have some family time in the afternoon.“I don’t mind working hard because it’s a job I have always enjoyed and helping people to stay in their own homes is so important.”

Tom is extremely popular with his clients who look forward to seeing him each day. He adds: “For me it’s all about ensuring I leave a client with a smile on their face, that’s enough for me.”

Our people are at the heart of everything we do

"We are very proud of what our carers do, day in, day out, supporting children, young people and adults to live a better life. Their care, attention to detail and heartfelt enthusiasm for their jobs really does make all the difference to our business.”

Anna Whiteside, Area Operations Manager, Caremark Pulborough

We will take your career to the next level

We invest heavily in the training and development of our staff and offer a range of opportunities to develop new skills and nurture talents. Whether you’re looking to take your first steps towards a career in care; become more confident and competent in your current role; or gain a nationally recognised qualification, we have workshops, online learning and more to help you achieve your goal.

Read about our Training and Development here.

Think you’re the right fit for us? Take a look at the kinds of roles we have on offer right now.

Are you passionate about caring for others?

Do you think you have what it takes for a career in care? Do you want to enjoy your job; have fun at work and feel proud every day? If you’re answering ‘yes’, then you’re in the right place. And we want to hear from you.

We employ people in a variety of roles, including carers, care coordinators, and care managers, up and down the country. And each and every one of our staff has a crucial part to play in achieving our mission of helping people live longer, happier lives, in their own homes.

So whether you’re kind; caring; compassionate; fun; passionate; genuine; young; not so young; male; female; experienced; or even not experienced: get in contact by calling your nearest Caremark office or click here to view and apply for one of our roles online.

We’re dedicated to finding and retaining the very best people

Please don’t be put off if you don’t have all the right skills, experience or even qualifications. What’s important is a natural calling to caring for others - it’s something our recruitment team is great at recognising. So if you have that we’ll spot it and then provide all the necessary support you need, coaching, developing and nurturing your talents to help you reach your potential. We’ll put all our belief in where you’re going.

Find out about our Training and Development opportunities.

Our current roles

Want to make a real difference to someone’s life?

From care coordinators and support staff to carers and care managers we have hundreds of exciting and rewarding roles on offer across the country. Please enter the area you’re interested in below to find out more.

If you don’t see anything quite right for you today, please check again soon or contact your local team by filling out the form below to register your interest. New roles come up every day and we are always looking for kind, caring and compassionate people to join us.

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