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Professional Care Workers with specialist knowledge

Just like everyone else, people with learning disabilities want to live as full a life as possible, having choice and independence available to them.  Our learning disability care at home is designed to help you realise those objectives.

Learning disabilities vary considerably from one person to another and may be mild, moderate or more complex and may be associated with physical or emotional issues.

However you experience life, we are here to support you.

Caremark‚Äôs Care Workers are highly trained, dedicated professionals, committed to supporting your wellbeing.  They have extensive practical experience supporting people with different aspects of learning disabilities.  If you or your loved one experience ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or difficulties processing information, we are here to assist you with your day to day living.

A little support goes a long way

If you have a learning disability you may need some extra support to lead a full and rewarding life. With tailored support from our Caremark Care Workers we can help you do just that.  This can range from general domestic support through to more personal assistance.  When we meet with you, we take full account of your age, requirements and individual circumstances.

Through first talking with you and any other key people involved in your life, we then will draw up your individual care plan. 
This is a flexible plan and is readily changed to meet your changing needs.

We understand that even the smallest amount of support makes a huge difference in helping you maintain your self-esteem and independence.

Some of the support we offer:

"Vera is helping me to get better and be more independent again. She is perfect for me and works so hard.  She is already learning my routine and how I like things."Client of Mid-Sussex & Crawley

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