Children need highly skilled care

Caremark's Care Workers are specially trained to provide the skilled services needed to protect, look after and support children with disabilities and challenging behaviour problems, so that they develop well and grow into adulthood as the best person they have the potential to be.

Our objective when we care for children is to enable them to achieve a good level of independence. We encourage them to communicate by various means, and to make their own decisions as much as possible.

Caring for children in their own home is the ideal solution

Sometimes a child needs to be cared for at home while a parent or relative is ill or in hospital. Or your child may need care to help them recover from an accident or illness. We can help whenever there is a need to be cared for at home. Being in a familiar environment surrounded by favourite toys and possessions is a very important factor that will help to keep the child comfortable and contented. We are able to:

  • Assist the family in establishing daily routines
  • Keep family and friends regularly informed about the child's progress
  • Provide attentive day-to-day care
  • Support feeding regimes
  • Support the child's education by taking them to and from school, preparing lunches, and caring for them after school and during holidays
  • Enable the child to interact and socialise with others, through visits to sports, cultural and other leisure activities
  • Encourage the child to be as independent as possible
  • Work with their school and other bodies to meet their objectives
  • Support the child through the transition into adulthood
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"The staff have achieved more in a week than others did in months" - Husband of client (Coventry)