A little help makes a big difference

If you are an adult who needs a little or a lot of support to live in your own home, we can provide a full spectrum of care to meet your personal needs. Our trained Care Workers can help to make your life easier for you by carrying out the tasks you find challenging.

You may have a long-term illness that makes it difficult for you to manage alone on an ongoing basis, or perhaps you are recovering from an injury and need some help for a month or so while you do so. We can agree together a personalised care programme that fits in with your requirements and lifestyle.

We can handle a wide range of home care needs

Here are some typical situations in which we could help you with care at home:

  • Assistance with the things that you find difficult to do entirely by yourself, such as shopping and preparing food
  • Short-term care while you recover following discharge from hospital after an illness or operation
  • Emotional and practical support if you have sensory impairment that causes difficulties in communicating, gaining access to information, or with your mobility
  • One member of a couple may need occasional help to keep on top of household chores while they concentrate on looking after their partner, who has a long-term difficulty

Our help is tailored to meet your personal needs

There are many possible reasons for needing help. But whatever your needs are, we can provide totally flexible care for you: anything from a daily 30-minute visit, through to 24-hour live-in support
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"It was so reassuring to know the same two Care Workers were able to come each day, giving much appreciated continuity" - Daughter-in-law of client (Harrogate)