This week, we provided over 20 of our Support Workers with ‘Intensive Interaction’ training, which they are excited to put into practice with their clients.  Intensive interaction is a person-centred approach to teaching early communication/interaction skills, to those who have difficulty communicating or being social.

The team completed the course with Lynette Menzies from the Intensive Interaction Institute, and fed back that they found the training ‘very interesting and informative’. Our Support Workers gained skills across a number of areas and found the information extremely valuable, and highly relevant to their work.

We were keen to provide our team with the opportunity to complete this course. Investing in training is investing in our people. The ‘Intensive Interaction’ session this week ensures that our staff have a breadth of knowledge to draw from when engaging with clients. Our Support Worker, Justin, said:

‘I have loved the training, I am going to use it straight away with my regular client, and I will explain it to her parents too.’

We value our team, and equip our Support Workers with the skills to provide compassionate care to the highest standard. Many of our clients have behaviours that challenge, autism or other impairments impacting their ability to communicate. This training allowed our staff to further enhance their communication methods to interact with clients more effectively, in turn strengthening their relationships.

We were pleased to see 20+ staff members taking part in the ‘Intensive Interaction’ training this week, and want to thank our team for the passion they show for their work. Our Support Workers consistently seek opportunities to upskill and build strong relationships with their clients, and we are continually grateful for their commitment. We’re excited to hear about how the team implement their new communication strategies with their clients!


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