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We want our Caremark Garden to enable our customer’s to participate and enjoy gardening in a safe, secure, accessible and environmentally sustainable surrounding, where they will be supported to achieve their goals and interests.

The Legacy of our Caremark Garden will hopefully remain with our Client’s throughout their lives. 

We have built 4 raised beds on our Caremark Garden, 3 of which will be used to plant seeds for different fruits, vegetables and plants such as lavender, rosemary and thyme. We will be encouraging our Client’s to plant their own seeds, there is a shop on site at the Allotment Front Gate where seeds can be purchased and planted. Also, don’t forget to write the label for what you have planted and stick it into the soil so that you can keep track of what is growing!!

The fourth raised bed will be topped with sand, which our customers can use as a sensory mechanism to play in and feel the sand running through their fingers. 

Here are some handy safety tips!

  • Wear sturdy footwear and gardening gloves (we will keep some on site) 
  • Don’t put your hands in your mouth, nose, eyes or even near your face when you have been in the soil. 
  • Make sure any cuts or grazes are covered with a waterproof dressing before gardening. 
  • Report any strange objects to your Case Leader. 
  • Do not force garden waste into bags, lets minimize waste by composting and recycling! Lets do our bit for the environment. 
  • Before we eat, or drink, after gardening, we need to wash our hands and forearms, not from the water butt, but from clean, mains tap water. 
  • Do not drink water from the water butt! 
  • Only hand tools are to be used, always check they are in good working condition each time before use. 
  • Make sure tools are stored away in the shed after use! 

Ok, so now that you are almost fully prepared, go and grow some vegetables!! When it’s grown you can then take it home and get cooking! Hope you’ve got some great recipes.


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