We would like to make our Clients and Staff aware of a national system outage which is impacting our team. We use a rostering system hosted by Advance Solutions- it’s proven itself to be a very reliable system over the last 12 years, however on Thursday 4th August it went down and as of Wednesday 10th August it’s still down. Advanced are working hard on a solution and we’re hopeful to get back on track as soon as possible.

As a result of the situation our Team have been operating on a manual system- not ideal however perfectly adequate under the circumstances.

We recognise that there has been some changes to our practice- for example our staff time sheets have changed in their appearance however as soon as the system comes back to life we’ll immediately return back to using the same documentation as we’ve always used.

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to all our staff and customers- as we recognise we’ve been in contact far more than usual to ensure calls are being completed and customers are happy with our service. We thank you for your support and patience and as soon as we have any update we’ll share that with you.


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