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The shortage of home care providers in Northampton and the increasing demand for home care prompted Prab Bawa to change career and invest in his own Caremark home care franchise.

Mr Prab Bawa, a former Operations Manager in the food sector, fulfilled a long-held ambition to run his own business and give something back to his local community.

Mr Bawa said: “There is such a shortage in the care sector and this problem continues to get worse. My wife and I used to talk about this often when she worked with Hounslow council as a brokerage officer some years back.

“Each week there were never enough care providers to take on the care packages, leaving vulnerable people without the care and support they needed. It was a dreadful situation.

“This stuck in my mind and the urge to do something about the care shortage never left me. Then finally, when we were financially able to make that jump, we saw the need in our own area and decided to go for it and fill the gap. Despite there being other providers in our area, demand is still outstripping supply,” Mr Bawa added.

The Caremark Northampton office in Kingsfield Way, registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is now officially up and running.

Mr Bawa is also keen to be a local employer of choice with some of his new recruits coming from undergraduates in Social Care at Northampton University.

He added: “I am so proud to finally have my own home care business, offering the highest standards of care to the local people of Northampton.

“It’s been a long time coming but Sarah Taylor-Jackson, my Care Manager and I are excited to be offering a great service to those who need it most,” Mr Bawa explained.

Mr Bawa and his team are looking forward to getting out and meeting their new customers who have been waiting patiently for him to open his doors and start trading.


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