A Charity Close to Rio’s Heart.

We are extremely proud of our client Rio, who has just completed a sponsored camp out to support Royal British Legion Industries! Rio was able to set up a ‘camp’ at the bottom of his garden where he stayed for 24 hours with Mum and Support Worker Ahmed. They studied, cooked, built a fire and even slept in the garden camp!

Rio chose to fundraise for Royal British Legion Industries in honour of his grandparents, who served our country for a number of years. The charity builds and maintains Veteran Villages, provides therapy, access to support for addiction, Veteran-specific dementia care and so much more. As a token of our appreciation for the charity, and to show how proud we are of Rio and Ahmed, we were pleased to donate an amount of money to Rio’s fundraising pot.

Rio values the important work the charity does, and said ‘Why are we allowing our veterans to sleep on the streets when they have served our country, I think it’s disgraceful and something needs to happen.’

Rio’s Camp Out (with support from Ahmed!)

Our staff member, Rio’s regular and consistent Support Worker, Ahmed, enjoyed accompanying Rio on his sponsored camp out during his shift. Ahmed has worked hard to build a strong, trusting relationship with Rio during their block hour visits, and they were both excited to complete the camp out together. With Ahmed’s support, alongside his tutor, Rio was able to complete his home studies out in the elements during the camp out. What a brilliant accomplishment!

He was also able to learn more about the military rations that his grandparents would have eaten when they were serving, which was a great experience. Rio and Ahmed had army ration packs, which they cooked on a campfire that they built themselves. We loved watching the live updates on Rio’s fundraising page, and following along to see what Rio, Ahmed and Mum were up to!

It was great to receive positive feedback from Mum after the camp out, who said ‘thank you Caremark for your support, and Ahmed for his excellent fire making skills!’

It was great to see Rio and Ahmed share a new and exciting experience together. Strong, lasting relationships between our Clients and Support Workers are at the core of everything we do. We would like to thank Ahmed for being such a brilliant, compassionate Support Worker and always going the extra mile for his clients.

Rio & Mum – Jen

Despite the blustery weather, Rio showed real determination to complete the full 24 hour camp out- no amount of wind and rain could stop him! We’re incredibly proud of him for his commitment to such a worthy cause, and the funds he’s raised will have a huge impact for Royal British Legion Industries. Well done, Rio!


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