coco 1


Caremark East Riding

I love to run and chase rabbits, but I can’t catch them…… yet!

Nickname: Coco pops

Star sign: Leo

Age: 8 months old

Breed: Labrador

Likes: Long walks


Bad habit: She likes to chase rabbits

Best quality: She lives with her cat siblings – Jack & Jill, and hooman brothers Conor & Freddie.



Caremark Mansfield

Lincoln believes he is Doberman, he also has a wicked “dead eye” when he wants to ?

Nickname: LinkyDinkyDo

Star sign: Scorpio

Age:  3 Years on November 12th

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Likes: Little people, chicken

Dislikes: Men in beanie hats

Bad habit: Barking

Best quality: Loves a belly rub



Caremark Brighton

“I don’t always stare at you lovingly, but when I do, its because you have roast chicken”

Nickname: Ruby Roo, Roo-bear, Roo Roo

Star sign: Gemini

Age: Almost 2

Breed: Cavapoo

Likes: Tennis balls, socks, long walks, chicken, naps, cuddles

Dislikes: Balloons, plastic bags, cartoon animals on TV, delivery people

Bad habit: Stealing socks and hiding them

Best quality: Cuddly, loving, loyal, and sweet

(Ruby is the sister of Willow, Susannah’s dog)



Caremark Brighton

Do you have an empty lap, let me fill it for you!

Nickname: Naughty monkey & Dug the dog!

Star sign: Gemini

Age: almost 2

Breed: Cavapoo

Likes: Cuddles, company, walks, lots of fuss, digging the garden up.

Dislikes: Other animals on tv and scary people on tv!

Bad habit: Digging up the carpet and the sofa.

Best quality: Always ready for a cuddle

prince 1


Caremark Belfast

“Yes, I know I am handsome”.

Nickname: Prince

Star sign: Scorpio

Age: 6 months

Breed: Golden Doodle

Likes: Walks on the beach and rummaging through office bins

Dislikes: Doesn’t like banana or strawberries

Bad habit: Jumping up

Best quality: He is very lovable

bailey 1

Bailey Folkes

Caremark Cheltenham

I am a very licky lady, with a waggy bottom, I like to lick you if I can just to say hi and show how much I love you

Nickname: Bays, puppy, dog

Star sign: Virgo

Age: 18 months

Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel

Loves: running like a lunatic on the hills

Dislikes: not giving you cuddles when she wants to!

Bad habit: lifting her food out of her bowl, one biscuit at a time!

Best quality: very affectionate puppy

chance 1


Caremark Redcar

Although I am only 1 year old, I have definitely been here before, I am the calmest, most charming boy you will ever meet. I am gentle and love to please.

Nickname: Charming Chance

Star sign: Aquarius

Age: 1 years old – 31/01/2022

Breed: Labrador

Likes: Being with people and being at work, cuddles, ball, stones, walking

Dislikes: Dogs stealing his ball / stone

Bad habit: Following mum everywhere

Best quality: Calm and bomb proof


red 1


Caremark Redcar

I should have been called Clifford because I am a big red friendly dog, I love everyone and everything I see. I’m such a comical character and full of enthusiasm and love.

Nickname: Red Bull

Star sign: Virgin

Age: 18 Months – 24/08/2021

Breed: Labrador

Likes: Digging, swimming, exploring, kisses, chicken – Favourite game where’s Wally (hiding from mum)

Dislikes: Chocolate drops

Bad habit: Tormenting his brothers and sister and getting them to chase him

Best quality: Enthusiastic therapy dog

emmie 1


Caremark Redcar

I am the only girl boss and a feisty one. I know I am a princess. The smallest but can certainly eat the most.

Nickname: Princess Emmie

Star sign: Cancer

Age: 10 months old – 07/07/2022

Breed: Labrador

Likes: Food, very treat motivated, loves shredding footballs and fighting her brother

Dislikes: Cats

Bad habit: Winding her brothers up

Best quality: She is gentle and kind to people and is proving herself to be a good candidate for 3rd therapy dog of Caremark

jj 1


Caremark Redcar

I’m a scared lockdown boy who can be very anxious around new people. I’m the office therapy dog and can sense which staff member is under stress, as and when I sense this, I go and lay by their feet or give them a cuddle.

Nickname: JJ – aka Mummies boy

Star sign: Taurus

Age: 3 years old – 17/05/2020

Breed: Labrador

Likes: Ball obsessed, fetching, catching, and finding it

Dislikes: strange humans and small black dogs who get in his face as he was attached by a black terrier when he was 9 months old

Bad habit: Following mum everywhere

Best quality: Such a loving boy when he trusts you, once you have his trust his love is the most adorable thing


axel 1


Caremark Redcar

I’m a gentle chocolate giant baby. 10 months old and I am the biggest of them all. 

Nickname: Fat head

Star sign: Cancer

Age: 10 months old – 07/07/2022 (Emmie’s brother)

Breed: Labrador

Likes: The beach, exploring, swimming, find it game

Dislikes: Men

Bad habit: Chewing my shoes

Best quality: He is so gentle when taking treats, he gives the squishiest cuddles and we love his white chest markings



Caremark Ltd

“When you only have eyes for your ball. “

Nickname: Millie Moo

Star sign: Capricorn

Age: 2.5 years

Breed: Springador

Likes: Balls!!! Lots and lots of balls.

Dislikes: Not having her ball!

Bad habit: Barking at the RING Door bell being activated.

Best quality: Gives the best cuddles, has the best smile, she loves her 20year old cat brother Gerrad (licks him to death) and very protective in nature towards our family.



Caremark Ltd

Just topping up my tan mum!

Nickname: Penny Pops

Star sign: Taurus

Age: 2

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Likes: Naps and lying in the sun

Dislikes: The window cleaning man

Bad habit: Barking at the neighbours’ umbrella in the garden

Best quality: Will give anyone cuddles 😊



Caremark Ltd

I believe the sofa is mine!

Nicknames:  Maxxy-moo, Maximillion, Cougs, Puppa, my little black panther…

Star sign: Scorpio

Age: 8

Breed: Labrador

Likes: My people, walks in the forest, rolling in mud, running in the sea, all meat – especially sausages! tummy rubs, being brushed, laying on the sofa

Dislikes: Smoked Salmon!?, prawns, being hosed down after a walk, staying wet, not being with my people.

Bad habit: I don’t have any! I am perfect 😊

Best quality: I am very sociable and talk to other dogs on walks (apparently, I sound like a seal) and I give the best cuddles!



Mid Sussex & Crawley

My favourite party trick is keeping a balloon off the floor.

Nickname: Doodles

Star sign: Libra

Age: 6 months

Breed: American Bully x Staffy

Likes: Eating

Dislikes: Being left alone

Bad habit: Steals his sister’s food

Best quality: Affectionate & loves people


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