caremark carer during covid

Shahnaz said, “Throughout this pandemic I felt supported by the Caremark Team. I remember Kelley (FCS) would regularly call me to ask if I was ok and if I needed anything. That would always make my day. I had continued support from all staff from Caremark by via emails, what’s app messages and an angel thank you gift!

Above all I was very blessed to still have a job whilst others had lost their jobs through pandemic. Previously, Care workers had not been recognised for our work and poorly paid, however, this experience made me realise that my job as a Care worker valued more then ever. I was classed as a essential key worker, I felt appreciated and valued when everyone would clap for cares on a Thursday (that would always make me emotional).

I supported my customers throughout this pandemic as they were isolating alone and in return they too supported me. I could feel the love!
This has made me realise that this career was made for me. A career that is rewarding and satisfying. I am proud to be a Health Support Care Worker”.
Thank you Caremark!


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