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Having received a call from Darent Valley Hospital in May 2018, we were asked to support a customer from Hospital to home in the Dartford and Gravesend area. This hospital-to-home service meant that we were required to support our customer ‘Francis’ with returning from the hospital to her own home in the Dartford and Gravesend area.

Our hospital-to-home service involves making referrals on your behalf for equipment required in your home, such as a bed or hoist. We will visit you in hospital to carry out a full assessment of your needs and also your home to find out if we can organise any equipment that may be required on discharge, such as a bed or hoist. By liaising with the hospital and pharmacy we can also ensure that we are aware of any medication that is to be given.

At the time of discharge Francis required 2 carers, 4 times a day. She had a numbing sensation in her hands and feet, leaving her with limited mobility and requiring assistance with domestic and personal tasks.


87-year-old Francis had been living independently for several years before we came to know of her. Unfortunately, Francis suffered from a neurological condition which led to the loss of feeling in her hands and feet. This in turn, meant that Francis struggled with mobility and had to be hospitalised in order to receive treatment.

How we supported and re-enabled Francis?

Whilst Francis began with quite extensive care needs, we soon realised how much of a fighter she was. The Caremark team worked closely with a physiotherapist, learning and performing routine rehabilitation exercises with Francis. These simple exercises and words of encouragement meant that over the space of 4 months, Francis was able to walk unaided and even climb stairs.

Impact on Francis?

Collectively we managed to reduce Francis’s care visits to just one carer, once a day, to help with her dinner. Daily encouragement and support from her care team has meant that Francis has gradually been able to regain her independence and now is a lot more comfortable in her own home. We are extremely proud of Mrs Hughes and wish to highlight what a little encouragement can do in changing one’s life.

Impact on Family and Friends?

Knowing that Caremark is supporting Francis, means that her daughters are not stressing and worrying about the well being of their mother. We keep in touch with family and friends, to let them know of Francis’s progress and her well-being.

Can we help you?

If you have a loved one that would benefit from this type of service. Please get in touch with the Caremark team to discuss your needs on 01474 320411 or email . We are always here to offer a helping hand to the community of Dartford and Gravesham.


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