It is Dementia Action this week. So many are affected by dementia not only the person who is diagnosed but also their loved ones.

Dementia Awareness week is a campaign to raise awareness.

There are around 900,000 people who have dementia, and the projection is that by 2040 there will be 1.6 million people with dementia. 

Dementia robs you of your memories and often leading to forgetting who your loved ones are, leaving you isolated and lonely. 

Dementia action week is to encourage those living with or close to someone living with undiagnosed dementia, it is better to know than not know. There is a general misconception that memory loss is part of ‘getting old’ and often people live in denial. 

We would like to encourage anyone who might know or be living with someone who may be showing signs of dementia to contact their GP and other specialists to receive correct diagnosis and support. 


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