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Live in Care provides a professionally trained carer to live with and support you with your daily needs, in the comfort of your own home. Caremark’s live in carers are specifically matched to suit your care plan requirements. We take into consideration all of your requests to allow for a perfect match.

Caremark’s live in care services offer a great alternative to moving into a Care Home. We understand that this can be a very daunting prospect, causing disruption to your daily routines and can be the last thing you want in your life. The full support that live in care provides can be an ideal solution. Often people will prefer this option, as you are able to stay in your familiar surroundings with your comforts around you. Your flexibility, choice and control over your life is important to you. We will always try to support those wishes with your care plan.

There is also an element of one to one companionship that could be preferred to the care home environment. Having a consistent companion can be a wonderful thing for people in need as this can really brighten someone’s day. This also enables people to stay independent as long as possible, with the support of a live-in care worker. This support helps people live the way they want to on a day-to-day, on-going basis.

Who would benefit from Live In Care?

Live in care can be for anyone who wants to remain in (or return to) their own home, to continue their independence, but also needs a degree of care. Caremark provides care for people of all ages. From children and young adults, to the elderly, we are able to assist in providing the right kind of care for you. We deal with many different cases.

We can help whether it is a physical or learning disability that is of concern, a return from hospital, or an illness like dementia. Caremark live in care provides a service that is a 24/7, consistent source of support. Whatever the concern may be, we will ensure we can provide a tailor made care plan to suit your requirements. As long as you can provide a separate bedroom for your Care Worker, it's the perfect home care solution. You may also qualify for financial support from your local authority if this is available in your area.

Some circumstances that could require Live In Care:

Assurance for family and friends

Sometimes families or healthcare workers step in with someone else’s best interests or needs in mind for care. This is often the case as it is sometimes difficult to recognise we are struggling ourselves. The biggest reassurance for families and loved ones is that the person being cared for has a dedicated care worker at hand whenever they are in need. Someone will be matched to the person in need in a way, which considers his or her personal needs and requirements.

The amount of support that is offered will be gathered together with family, healthcare workers or friends (if this is in their wishes or best interests) to come up with the best possible outcome. The range of care available will vary to suit individual needs. This can range from personal care, to medication support or helping moving around the home and support with requirements. We are also able to help with schedules as well as trips out, social visits or anything else that may be important in someone’s life.

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