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What is involved in End of Life care?

Caremark’s aim is to ensure that the person is living as well and as comfortably as possible with the upmost dignity and compassion. Our care plans are put into place to support you, as we fully understand that this is a sensitive time for everyone. The Caremark care package will ensure care is provided to your family and others around you during this period.

There are many options with End of Life care as it does depend on the person’s health status and situation. Caremark caters to individuals who wish to stay in the comfort of their own home, with familiar surroundings and this helps so many people feel more at ease.

If a family member is already providing care, visits from Caremark carers can provide respite for those who need a break, allowing them to relax while knowing their loved ones are in safe hands. Our home carers are highly trained with a professional and friendly manner and will make all the difference.

Priorities during this period of care:

End Of Life Home Care from Caremark

We understand that the changes during the last period of someone’s life are hard to experience and you will not be alone with a Caremark. We fully understand what is required and the compassionate approach that is needed.

We can deal with medication assistance and other needs, reducing unnecessary stress.

We can also support you with:

At Caremark, we specifically aim to permanently allocate our fully trained, understanding Care & Support Workers. A familiar, friendly face will walk through your door at every visit.

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