01 Jun 2017

Marcela Tica (Three Rivers and Chiltern)

Marcela Tica made such a great impression on her client Mr Duncalf and her Care Manager, Sandra Parsons that they both nominated her for the monthly national award!

A letter of thanks from Mr Duncalf to the Caremark management regarding the care he receives from Marcela gave some insight into why he wanted to nominate her for the next monthly award.

A little while back, during a spell of fine weather, Marcela went to Mr Duncalf’s home to do a two hour lunch call.Knowing that Mr Duncalf loved his garden and had not been out there for more than a year, she asked if he would like to have his lunch outside. He readily agreed and having the opportunity to be outside in his garden brought him much joy.Marcela knew he was a keen gardener, so she took photos of the parts of his garden he could not see and downloaded them onto his tablet for him to view.

Something as small as this made a big difference to her client and by thinking outside the box, Marcela was able to bring pleasure in a simple way. She made sure that all policies and procedures were followed and used the appropriate ramps and wheelchair to safely transport Mr Duncalf into his garden.

Although this was a single carer call, Marcela also works well as with her colleagues as part of a team and communicates well with the office. She is reliable and has an excellent time-keeping and sickness record.

Honest and hard working, Marcela is described as having a ‘sunny personality’ and gives 100% to all clients that she visits. She is well liked by her fellow carers and is always helpful and willing to change rotas to cover sickness and holidays. Congratulations go to Marcela - a very valued member of staff!
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