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The key to effective live-in care is ensuring that a person’s needs are met whilst also ensuring they can live an independent and fulfilling life.

One of the most important aspects of this is the importance of carers who know the needs of a person and can help them with anything they have difficulties with, but the other is the importance of adaptations and other aspects of care which would be discussed in a needs assessment.

However, a fundamental aspect of adaptations and why they prove effective in ensuring people stay in their own homes is the shift in focus towards transgenerational design, a concept that has existed for over 40 years, although the term itself was coined in 1986.

The basic idea is that the best living environments and products are the ones that as many people as possible can use with as much comfort as possible, especially as their needs change throughout their lives.

A modern example of transgenerational design in action is the rise of the adaptable smart home. Whilst for some people it is mostly about saving time, for others it can make everyday living significantly easier and more comfortable, particularly as technology gets more sophisticated.

This is important when it comes to ensuring people remain as independent as possible, and transgenerational design is about bridging the gaps between different stages of life with as few complications and as little friction as possible.

There are a lot of examples of transgenerational design in the world we live in, which range 

widely in complexity and benefits.

For example, plates with steep sides and designs with a strong contrast of colour can be used by more people than a conventional flat plate, as can entrances to buildings that are smoothly at ground level and do not need stairs to access.

It also includes wider doors and hallways, as well as slip-resistant and stable surfaces.


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