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In our latest blog, we discuss how physiotherapy can further support people who require care in their own homes.

It’s said that home is where the heart is. Certainly this is the case for many people as they undergo a period of treatment at hospital or care at a rehabilitation unit.

The desire to get back home, to familiar surroundings and the positive memories they trigger, can be paramount. Getting home can make an enormous difference to the mental wellbeing of a person. Consequently, allowing them the quality of life they enjoy.

Local authorities also recognise that often the best solution is to provide a package of support that enables people to live in their own homes – rather than have to move into residential care. It’s also a far less costly alternative for whoever picks up the bill.

Physical aids such as wheelchair access, handrails and stairlifts can all help overcome barriers to independent living, however it is the mobility and strength of the individual that may have the greatest bearing on whether they can realistically remain in their own home.

Home care support

Caremark recognises that home care support is not simply about doing a range of tasks for a customer. It’s also about encouraging and assisting the customer to be able to carry out tasks for themselves. 

This use of physiotherapy alongside a care and support package is now being increasingly recognised as beneficial. That’s both in the sense of improved strength of the customer and also the mental buzz gained from an individual knowing their efforts and actions are directly contributing to their ability to remain in their own home.

Physiotherapy has brought about a step change in the way we look at care.  Support is not simply about doing everything for the customer. Instead it’s about enabling people to carry out the tasks they are capable of. In doing so, maintain mobility and the ability to live in their own homes.

If someone has been in hospital / rehab following a fall, when they return home the aim is to at least maintain the level of mobility they have. This will hopefully, gradually, enable them to become stronger and fitter and actually reduce the package of support required.

Getting out of bed unaided can be a start. Next steps are trying to put on socks or trousers. Bending and flexing of limbs all goes towards building vital muscles. Being able to get up out of a chair, walk across a room and make a cup of tea is good exercise that helps maintain movement.

For loving relatives, the temptation to “do everything” can be overwhelming. It takes discipline not to leap out of a chair, tell mum to stay where she is and make the cuppa for her. That’s why Caremark ensures relatives are closely involved in drawing up any plan.

How Caremark can help

We aim to support people to live in their own home with their own individual care package. Initially, we receive information from the family or the local authority. Then spend 2-4weeks carrying out our own assessment and, in discussion with the customer. This is followed by making any necessary changes to the care plan. Thus ensuring home life is as comfortable and long term as possible.

Small steps can see gradual sustained improvement in mobility. It starts with something as simple as setting the customer a target of being able to brush their own teeth or open a jar of marmalade for breakfast. 

The plan can then utilise the particular interests of each customer as a further way of improving mobility. Can you water plants indoors or enjoy a walk into the garden? One customer was a keen painter, so getting to the point where they could set up an easel was a landmark moment. 

Broken bones can leave a physical and mental scar and rehabilitation can be a long road. With each step our physiotherapy care assistants are on hand to motivate and support. They encourage the customer to play as active a role as is feasible to return to and maintain their independent life.

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