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People with disabilities deserve to have just as special a time over Christmas as everyone else, but they can often feel lonely and excluded during the festive period. 

Here are some tips on things you can do to ensure your loved ones are able to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. 

Keep visiting

Although Christmas can be a very busy time, it is important not to forget about relatives and friends who struggle to leave the house. 

Although they might have live-in care whom they see every day, many are on their own most of the time. 

In fact, according to Sense, one-third of disabled people have under an hour’s interaction with another person a day.  

Even on December 25th, people might not go out of their way to call or visit, which heightens their sense of loneliness, so make sure you make an effort to keep them included. 

Book accessible places

It is often easier to do big family gatherings at a restaurant or cafe, but these sometimes are not accessible for disabled people. 

Before you book a table, scope the venue out to make sure it is suitable, depending on the needs of your loved one. 

You might need to look for a place with ramps and downstairs facilities, or a premises that has a private room that can be quieter or better lit than the main public area.

Diverse menu selection 

Catering for people with disabilities might mean a slightly different Christmas dinner than you are used to, but make sure they are included in the food decisions so they are not left out at dinnertime. 

Ask what foods they cannot eat, and make sure they have a few options that suit their needs best. 

Christmas lunch is as much about the gathering of loved ones as it is about the food, so it is important they are still able to enjoy the experience, even if they have an entirely different menu. 


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