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04 Jun 2020

Poetry Capturing the mood of the moment.

More Poetry from Laura Ansell which reflects the situation we currently find ourselves in.

Poetry capturing the mood of the moment.

When the world stood still.

It's March 2020,
And the world has stood still,
No  work or no school,
No end is in sight.
The death rate is rising,
We must stay inside,
The keyworkers are out,
Glowing with pride.

We clap every Thursday,
To show our support,
Who knows when this will end,
We will wait on the report.
The weeks are passing by,
Home-schooling is the best,
Lounging into sweatpants,
And my old string vest.
Staying home is the advice,
The children think it's really cool,
Staying up late at night,
Breaking every tiny rule.

It's the end of May right now,
The death rate is decreasing,
Changes now can be made,
Restrictions are releasing.
Schools and shops are opening,
Socialising is allowed,
Outdoor gatherings,
But only in a small crowd.
I've missed them all,
But we must stay safe,
The infection rate still must fall.
Before we know it,
This nightmare will be gone,
The world will resume,
And the light can be shone.
And its changes we will consume. 

In years to come,
We will all look back,
At the time,
When the world stood still.


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