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When looking for care and asking ‘What does a live in carer do?’ it’s also worth thinking about the benefits of what they do.

It’s good to be aware of the positive impact a live in carer can have, as well as being aware of the roles and responsibilities a carer would typically undertake. There is a lot of value included in the cost of live in care per week, as a live in carer will support the person in many areas of their everyday life.

Associated benefits include:

1 – Reduced loneliness

One of the main benefits of a live in home care service is the impact it can have on loneliness. Loneliness affects over two million elderly people

 in the UK. More than a million told Age UK that they regularly go a month without seeing or speaking to anyone. 

A carer is with you all the time, so you never have to be on your own. Of course you still can have some me-time if you want, though! Having this companionship can provide a much needed boost to your loved one.

2 – Safety and security

Having a person in the house 24/7 can be a great source of comfort for the person receiving care as they will feel safe and know their needs are being met. It also provides peace of mind for their family.

Most importantly, the presence of a carer can help to prevent falls – which can have catastrophic consequences for elderly people. From a safety and security perspective, a carer is a sensible option, especially when an older person is particularly vulnerable. 

The live in care costs are well worth the amount of money you pay per week in this respect.

3 – Better mental and physical activity

Loneliness has been shown to have a negative impact on mental health – but it also causes a lack of stimulation for the brain. This can be problematic, especially for people with dementia.

Having someone around your loved one ensures better mental and cognitive health, as conversations, activities and hobbies – even holidays can be shared together. 

Physical activity can be improved too – as having an escort means you can get out of the house more often or even feel more confident moving about indoors. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend fitness classes with the support of your carer if you want to.

Improved nutrition – Many older people find that they eat less or reach for unhealthy foods, especially if they live alone. A live in carer can cook nutritious, wholesome meals and ensure that the person eats well each day.

4. Enhanced quality of life

Lots of people who access live in nursing care in the UK report an enhanced quality of life overall. This is often because they’re able to get out more and do the things they love – like attending social groups, classes and getting out of the house on a more regular basis.

If you have pets you can also keep them with you, which greatly enhances the quality of life for animal lovers. Live in care costs per week are well worth it when you consider the increase to your loved one’s quality of life and how much does a live in carer do.

5. Improved appointment attendance

Without transport lots of older people miss important check-ups, such as podiatry appointments, blood pressure monitoring and wellness clinics. A Care & Support Worker can take you to your appointments, ensuring better health and wellbeing overall.


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