Chisom Nzenaguora has some advice for people who may be considering working in home care: “It’s not what you expect; it’s even better!”

Chisom, 28, came to this conclusion very quickly, having only started working at Caremark Leeds in December 2022.

Although she had a background in care, having worked in a hospital in her native Nigeria and then two years as a support worker at a children’s supported living service, she says going into someone’s home for the first time was a completely different experience.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and it did feel unusual being in people’s owns homes but caring comes naturally to me and so I soon got used to it,” Chisom says.

“You realise very quickly that the customers are relying on you and that you can make their life more comfortable and better.

“I know it’s certainly made me feel even more grateful for the life I have.”

Chisom says having a supportive management team at Caremark Leeds has made her working life even nicer.

She explains: “We didn’t receive any support in my last job so to have a team of really nice people here makes a massive difference.

“Nothing is too much for them and they realise your physical and mental health is important and give you the flexibility and the right work/life balance to ensure you embrace the job and still look after yourself at the same time.

“My advice to someone considering coming into care would be to go for it.

“It is not always easy and you need patience but the love you get from the people you care for is amazing.

“It’s not what you expect; it’s even better!”

Outside of work Chisom enjoys going for walks with her son, swimming, and cooking.


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