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Nobody wants to hear that their loved one needs hospice care, as this means there is no cure for their illness and treatment has shifted from trying to improve their prognosis to making their end of life as comfortable as possible. 

Unlike palliative care, which may also include curative treatment, the aim is solely to improve the quality of the life they have left, as they are no longer responding to medical intervention to either cure the condition or stop it worsening. 

Hospice care involves managing pain so the patient is not in any discomfort while their body succumbs to the illness. 

It also sees staff offer emotional support, both for the patient and their loved ones, as it is a very difficult time for everyone involved. 

Depending on the illness, hospice carers may also help with physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as these can help the patient remain mobile or independent for as long as possible. 

Carers might also perform complementary therapies, such as massage, to improve both physical and emotional symptoms. 

Although many people only receive hospice care at home when they are close to death, some are able to benefit from it for several months, helping to restore their quality of life and spend some valuable time with their loved ones. 

They may also be able to take a break from the care if their condition is not worsening, depending on how much support their family and friends can offer. 

However, looking after someone at the end of their life can be very challenging, which is why hospice carers provide relief for relatives, so they can have a break from the daily physical and emotional demands of the circumstances. 


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