It’s not only elderly pensioners who require homecare support, a little help can also ensure people with lifelong conditions can live an independent life in their own homes.

Valerie Emerson, 51, was born with myotonic dystrophy, a condition which causes progressive muscle loss and weakness. This leaves sufferers susceptible to a range of issues including falls and fractured bones.

After a spell in hospital last year, Valerie realised that because of her mobility issues she would need home care support in order to return to live in her own home.

“That was important to me,” says Valerie. “I didn’t want to go into residential care, I wanted to stay in my own home do my own thing and have an independent life.”

Valerie enjoys watching a good Western on an afternoon, and she’s also a fan of James Bond and quiz shows.

She is visited four times a day by home care support from Caremark Leeds who help Valerie with domestic tasks, cooking and tidying as well as the sit in service where Valerie enjoys having someone to chat with.

“My care assistants are brilliant, really nice. You feel they are interested in what you have to say and it’s a chance to catch up with what’s going on” says Valerie.

She also uses the service to get her weekly shop and is pleased they pay attention to detail.

“I have one care assistant in particular who does the shopping because she knows what I prefer. It’s no good coming back with any old loaf of bread, it has to be the one with seeds that I like” says Valerie.  “You do feel they care about you. Recently I was in hospital for a few days and received a call from the Caremark supervisor just asking me how I was. I thought that was very kind.”

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